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Rosomak (Wolverine) wheeled armored vehicle - Design

KTO Rosomak (Kolowy Transporter Opancerzony Rosomak), produced in Poland, is a licensed armored personnel carrier design from Finland. It arms the Polish Armed Forces in the version designated by the manufacturer as AMV XC-360P. Rosomak is built in a 8 8 (with all-wheel drive). Wolverine-1 can carry 11 people (driver, commander, gunner and 8 soldiers (6 in the Afghan versions). Based on the Polish experience, the Finnish company prepared a new version of AMV2 Havoc, offered for the USMC.

The new wheeled ROSOMAK 8X8 XP platform was created on the basis of the experience gained during the operation of KTO Rosomak vehicles, at the same time setting a new standard for the construction of 8x8 armored wheeled vehicle platforms. The ROSOMAK 8X8 XP is a vehicle with a spacious interior and high payload, providing the possibility of free specialist development in accordance with the user's requirements and enabling the simultaneous integration of weapons, protection and crew equipment systems. Thanks to modern solutions in the area of ??crew protection, a high level of ballistic resistance of the hull has been achieved, which, thanks to the modular structure, can be freely selected by the customer. In terms of anti-mine protection, the basic design of the ROSOMAK 8X8 XP provides protection for the crew inside the vehicle, in accordance with the STANAG 4569 standard - level 4a / 4b.

The new ROSOMAK 8X8 XP platform is characterized by excellent parameters in terms of off-road mobility, obtained thanks to the combination of an improved drive system with a 450 kW engine with the Integrated Traction Control System (ITCS). The structure of the vehicle was designed taking into account the requirements for the emission of electromagnetic radiation specified in the MIL-STD-461F standard, which was confirmed by specialized tests in the EMC chamber.

Compared with BTR-60 it is higher than 30 cm. Nevertheless, due to the use of asymmetric conflicts, where the party has an advantage in armor, weapons, artillery and aviation (eg. The invasion of Afghanistan in the XXI century) most of the losses recorded from IEDs and sabotage, among others, Electronics.

The Military Mechanical Works SA in Siemianowice Sl. (now Wolverine SA) developed versions of the vehicle structure Wolverine 2, which was announced in May 2012.

Scipio was designed in 2015 by mounting platform Rosomak 8x8 vehicle in the base version unmanned turret. Turra 30 Slovak group's production companies and EVP DMD. The turret was originally developed for the modernization of the Slovak cars BMP-1 / BMP-2. According to other sources the turret was formed to meet the requirements of the Slovak army as the successor transporters OT-64 SKOT.

The turret is armed with the 2A42 30mm gun of Russian design produced in Slovakia, 7.62-mm PKT machine gun and two anti-tank missiles Competition / Fagot, a system of observation and sighting with a television camera and thermal imager, laser rangefinder, and automatic stabilization system Tracking meant to. The mass of the turret is below 1500 kg. According to the manufacturer of the turret, it can be adapted to be mounted in the other sets of arms or equipment for example. Used in Poland - the American Bushmaster II cannon or rockets Spike LR.

The first public presentation of the transporter Scipio took place during the International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, in September 2015.

The transporter version was presented at the International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, in September 2015 as a proposal the company Wolverine SA As part of the modernization of the hull modifications were made through increasing displacement of the car in order to provide ability to overcome obstacles water swimming with the increased DMC (from 22.5 tons to 23.5 tons), which indicated that the hull transporter will be even further modernization in order to be capable of swimming at the increased weight of 24 tons. In addition, it includes an integrated turret Wolverine with two Spike launchers, installed steering system on the battlefield (BMS), modified fire control system by providing the "hunter-killer" ability, improved air-conditioning / heating, changed armor, mounted seat-reducing effects of resulting explosion min or IED. In addition, such installed a new engine with a power of 450 kW, the new powertrain, new wheels in size 16.00R20, new rear ramp landings also increased the degree of ballistic protection against mines.

Wolverines S, called by soldiers "spikebuses" or "spajkowozami" are a basic version of a wheeled transporter without a turret and on-board weapons. The landing compartment was adapted to carry gun operators and the complete Spike kit. Optoelectronic observation and targeting module, tripod and launch containers with missiles. After removing two seats in the landing compartment, it was possible to make room for the transport of the entire portable launcher system, and there was also space for holders for mounting spare rocket ammunition. A maximum of 8 Spike rockets.

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