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Meko Multirole Auxiliary

TKMS offered the Meko Multirole Auxiliary concept "for open discussion in MoD", not as a formal "JSS proposal". Arguably, multi-role/mixed-capability ships with dual amphibious/logistics roles have been gaining market share lately. Examples given were the LPD for Portugal, LHD for South Africa or Canada's JSS. Externally, the proposal looks remarkably close to the LHD offered by TKMS in the South African tender, i.e. the MHD150. The Meko Multirole Auxiliary takes the suggestion of modularization, by offering a triple-role ship with multi-mission modules - TKMS suggests a role change would be possible "within 48 hours", and the modules would use "already introduced standard systems". The three roles to be assumed by this ship would be RAS, LHD and sealift.

  • RAS role: 6,440t fuel, 600t cargo including ammunition, 3 helos
  • LHD role: 750 troops, 650 lm, 870t cargo, 440t fuel, 14 helos
  • Sealift role: 2,500 lm, 500t fuel, 2,500t dry cargo
Such a role change looks rather hefty - though, especially regarding this mix, there's already a decade of experience in the Bundeswehr with the A310 MRTT, which also uses a palletized module system to switch from transport to tanker. A ship of this size would be a far larger application of this of course.

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