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MESHD - Expeditionary Support Multi Role Helicopter Dock

On the MEKO« MESHD, TKMS' successful modular technology for naval surface vessels is applied to auxiliary vessels. The ship is equipped with communications and control systems which allow it to take on the flagship role during operations. Outfitting is reduced to the basics of an auxiliary, for example flexible multi-function areas for the installation of mission modules, accommodation and utility services for the crew, facilities such as the dock which cannot be modularised, the flight deck, or the lift platform. The mission modules are based on module components proven on naval vessels. This allows harmonisation of the civil/military logistics chain. The concept can be employed for supply vessels, vessels for amphibian operations and vessels for air transport.

A variant of MHD 200 the Expeditionary Support Multi Role Helicopter Dock (MESHD) would be in addition equipped with command developed facilities to lead a joint operation. It is identical to the MEKO Multirole Auxiliary put forward for the same purpose by TKMS in October 2007, just with the dimensions worked out. The base for the MEKO Multirole Auxiliary is pretty much the South-African LHD afaik, with certain internal structures modularized.

The modular design would add modules following missions. The MEKO« MESHD (Multi-role Expeditionary Support Helicopter Dockship) is a conceptual study of a high technological readiness level, designed for combat supply, amphibious operations and sealift/sea basing, the three main expeditionary missions. The MEKO« MESHD ships high payloads, and its deck and loading gear permit an extremely flexible approach to storing and transporting mission specific equipment and personnel, especially in the light that most mission modules are based on available equipment which is, generally speaking, installed in standard ISO containers.

In a further extension of the MHD series concept, TKMS proposed the Multi-role Expeditionary Support Helicopter Dock, MESHD), the ship using the more advanced, more complete design and also has a helicopter take off and landing and stern docking spaces, enter/exit the vehicle deck, and other functions. The length of the MESHD ship 195.7m, beam 33.2m, drawing 6.6~7.5 meters, with a displacement of 19,600~23,800 tons, with a crew of 94 as well as 56 aviation personnel, with consolidated diesel electric propulsion, power 27600KW (37,000 shaft horsepower), maximum speed 22 knots, the ship also has six helicopters, five of them on the main flight deck, the sixth on the lower deck at the stern.

MESHD - Expeditionary Support Multi Role Helicopter Dock
MESHD - Expeditionary Support Multi Role Helicopter Dock

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