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MLI-84 "Jderul" IFV

The MLI-84 infantry fighting vehicle combines protection, transport and combat actions in a single vehicle. The Soviet BMP-1 was produced under license in Romania, and as always, the Romanians developed their own version, which was adopted under the symbol MLI-84. Outwardly the machine practically does not differ from the Soviet prototype, except for minor improvements. The Romanian MLI-84 is virtually identical in appearance and layout to the Russian BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle, though is slightly larger and [as usual] heavier. In particular, the support rollers are larger, the upper sheet thick frontal chassis is sleek, not ribbed, and the front is changed in form. The main thing distinguishing the Romanian IFV 12.7-mm machine gun DSHK mounted on the roof of the troop compartment on the left side of the turret, firing through the upper-left door, having a round shape (like a tank). 500 rounds of machine gun ammunition load is. The rest of the armament completely corresponds to the BMP-1, ammunition and ANTI-TANK rounds also remained unchanged.

MLI-84M1 JDERUL [MARTEN], as it known in the army, has a weight of about 17 tons, a top speed on the road of 65 km/h and a maximum range of 600 miles without refueling. It can cross water courses to a depth of up to 1.2 m, and afloat with a top speed of 7 km/h.

MARTEN has special protection systems for the crew and 9 infantery. It can withstand infantry weapons and anti-personnel landmines. It has a warning system with illumination, laser alarms crew in real time, in case the vehicle was telemetrat by enemy laser. The system is also very sensitive to infrared light. Contramasurile can be triggered automatically and manually, and consists of grenade launchers 81 mm (DLG 81) – grenade smoke or heat. Grenades can be launched independently depending on the type of detected amenintarii. Grenades have a thermal curtain of fire around the vehicle that takes about 5 minutes, enough time for confusing the missiles with the head. The vehicle also has a system with installation of dense smoke over a radius of 360 degrees around the vehicle and at a distance between 300-400 m. These protection systems allow JDERULUI to avoid a numerically superior enemy.

The MLI-81 has a 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun mounted over the left side of the rear troop compartment. The MLI-84 is fully amphibious, being propelled in the water by its tracks, and is fitted with an NBC system and night vision equipment for commander, gunner and driver. This vehicle only has three rectangular roof hatches compared with the BMP-1, which has four. In place of the left rear rectangular hatch is a circular hatch cover on which is mounted the 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun.

On January 1, 2002, in Romania's armed forces there were 177 MLI-84 IFVS. In connection with the need to have a more modern machine, Romania maintained collaborations with foreign firms to modernize their APCs. In design, MFA Mizil worked with prestigious companies around the world, such as: RAFAEL ARMAMENT DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY LTD.-ISRAEL (25 OWS turret R); PERKINS ENGINES COMPANY LTD-UNITED KINGDOM (C9 CATERPILLAR engine); SAGEM DÉFENSE SÉCURITÉ-FRANCE, Groupe SAFRAN (detection system and fire-fighting equipment); OERLIKON CONTRAVES-SWITZERLAND (AA gun, 25 mm KBA B007); HARRIS CORPORATION (systems and radio stations); RAFAEL-ISRAEL (SPIKE-LR missiles AT)

Following an international competition, the Romanian Army selected the Israeli RAFAEL Overhead Weapon Station 25 mm (OWS-25) to upgrade its MLI-84 vehicles. Late in 1998 the RAFAEL Armament Development Authority supplied the first batch of Overhead Weapon Station 25 mm (OWS-25) to Romania for installation on the upgraded MLI-84M. This OWS is armed with an Oerlikon Contraves 25 mm KBA cannon, 7.62 mm PKT machine gun mounted externally on the right side and two Malyutka M2T anti-tank guided weapons (ATGWs) on the left side.

In 2003 MFA signed a Combat Vehicles Supply Contract with the Romanian Ministry of Defense according to which the company equipped during 2004-2010 three battalions of the Romanian Army with MLI 84M combat vehicles and with vehicles derived on the MLI 84M chassis. These combat vehicles have been NATO certified in 2005. Infantry fighting vehicle MLI-84M it is an armored vehicle, used for protecting, transporting and fighting against the personnel, the light armored vehicles and against enemy's tanks. Using the assembled equipment and the individual armament of the infantry division, this vehicle is also used against the logistic transport, paratroops and helicopters. It is working in very good condition on every kind of roads or fields. It can cross the waters through maximum 1.2 meters deep fords. This product is the result of the cooperation with prestigious partners, world leaders in military equipment production.

The Romanian armored fighting vehicle also is going to have increased protection, stronger firepower with a 25-mm stabilized cannon. SC MFA SA MIZIL is the integrator for this program with help from Rafael, Thales, Caterpillar Perkins (U.K.), Oerlikon Contraves L’Hottelier and SFIM/ODS, both from France. The Perkins Engines Company was awarded a contract for the supply of 21 Caterpillar C9 engines and a new cooling system. By mid-2007 Caterpillar Defence Products had received contracts for 130 Caterpillar C9 engines for the Upgraded MLI-84M. It was expected that a total of 180 vehicles will be upgraded to the MLI-84M standard. The first batch of MLI-81M 'Jderul' IFVs became operational with the Romanian Land Forces in July 2005.

Combat weight 16,600 kg
Crew (troops) 3 (8)
Main dimensions, mm:
  • Hull Length (gun forward) 7320
  • Width of track (step Traka) 300 (140)
  • Armament (ammo, rounds)
  • 73 mm gun 2a28 "Grom" (40)
  • 7.62 mm PKT coaxial machine gun (2 000)
  • 12.7 mm machine gun DSHK (500)
  • PU "Malyutka" ATGM 9m14m (4)

    Characteristics and performances:

    • Crew: 2 + 9;
    • Combat weight: 17.080 kg;
    • Power to weight ratio: 23,42 HP/t;
    • Ground pressure: 0,62 kg/cm2;


    • Lenght (with gun forward): 7.320 mm;
    • Width (with deflector plates): 3.300 mm;
    • Height: 2.942 mm;
    • Track gauge: 2.730 mm;
    • Track width: 320 mm;


    • Maximum road speed: 65 km/h;
    • Maximum road range: 550 ¸ 600 km;
    • Forward slope: 32°;
    • Side slope: 24°;
    • Vertical obstacle: 0.80 m;
    • Trench: 2,7 m;
    • Fuel capacity: 620 l;

    Engine: Caterpillar C9; 6 cylinders 4 stroke; turbocharged diesel; 400 hp at 2.200 rpm;

    Transmision: mechanical, 5 forward and 1 reverse gears, synchronized with hydraulic command;

    Clutch: bidisc, dry;

    Suspension: torsion bars, hydraulic shock absorber on 1st , 2nd and 6th roadwheels;

    Electrical system: 24 V;


    • Oerlikon KBA Cannon: 25 mm;
    • Machine gun: 7,62 mm;
    • Missile launcher: 4 SPIKE missiles;
    • Anti-air unit with machine gun: 12.7 mm;


    • Type: horizontal and vertical;
    • Turret operation system: electrical/manually;
    • Turret control range: x360°;
    • Gun control range: -11° ¸ +60°;

    Special and safeguard systems:

    • Frequency jumping transmission system;
    • NBC protection;
    • Protection against fire system;
    • Laser illumination warning system;
    • Smoke grenade launcher system and thermal trap;
    • Thermal smoke generator;
    • Exhausting system of the gas resulting after infantry weapons shooting.

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