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BMC 8x8 KORHAN ZMA 35mm Next Generation IFV

It is estimated that BMC developed an 8x8 ACV for the New Generation Light Armored Vehicles (YNHZA - Yeni Nesil Hafif Zirhli Ara) Project. Within the scope of the New Generation Light Armored Vehicles Project, the Land Forces Command has active and passive protection systems, equipped with advanced command control systems, capable of detecting the enemy from the maximum distance, firing with appropriate weapon systems through automatic firing systems, with different configurations at the 52 different types of 2962 units of light armored wheeled vehicle (6X6 and 8X8) to be supplied and lightly armored tracked vehicles.

Within the scope of the New Generation Light Armored Vehicles Project, the Land Forces Command has increased armor protection level and movement capacity, equipped with advanced command control systems, detecting the enemy from the maximum distance, active and passive protection systems that can fire with appropriate weapon systems through automatic firing systems.

BMC 8x8 KORHAN ZMA 35mm Next Generation IFV BMC 8x8 KORHAN ZMA 35mm Next Generation IFV

The new 8x8 armored combat vehicle (ZMA zirhli muharebe araci ), which is being developed by BMC, came to the fore for the first time 23 January 2021 at the Delivery Ceremony of the New Generation Three Storm Howitzer, attended by Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar. Minister Akar, who received information about the 400-hp Vuran, 600-hp Azra and 1000-hp Utku engines used in the Storm howitzer, participated in engine tests, and made the 6th body source of the new generation Storm howitzer, which is still in production. BMC had not yet made an official statement about the 8x8 ACV it developed. It is estimated that the ZMA, which is thought to weigh around 30 tons, will use the 600 hp Azra engine developed by BMC.

On the vehicle shown at the ceremony is the Korhan turret developed by ASELSAN. Korhan uses a 35 mm weapon system with the ability to use particle ammunition. Designed by ASELSAN for the combat concepts of the future, Korhan has been developed for tracked and wheeled platforms. KORHAN is a new generation armored combat system with high firepower, equipped with advanced target detection and tracking systems, equipped with the latest technology self-protection systems and environmental awareness systems, in order to provide the highest level of user and system continuation. The system has open and extensible architecture, updating and additions to the system based on the needs that will arise in the future will be implemented with national resources. In addition to the tracked and tactical wheeled configurations of KORHAN, the amphibious configurations are also available in accordance with the requirements of swimming in the water.

In KORHAN, 35 mm cannon, with high rate of fire, is used as the main gun. The production of the cannon is made by MKE Institution using national resources. The KORHAN system also has the ability to use the 35 mm Airburst Ammunition developed and produced domestically by ASELSAN without any external dependency. For the main gun, there are 100 ammunitions available in the turret and 200 spare ammunition are stored in the vehicle. Loading of spare ammunitions into the turret is done under armor protection in the vehicle. The system also has a 7.62 mm machine gun mounted co-axial with the main gun for self-defense against close threats from the land.

KORHAN has a high level of effectiveness against the targets behind the cover through the use of intelligent ammunition, as well as the neutralization of armored and light armored land elements. The KORHAN system also has the ability to defend himself against helicopters, fighter aircrafts at low altitude and unmanned aerial vehicles for intelligence and offensive purposes.

The Turret, designed as an unmanned type for maximum user and personnel protection, allows maximum space for personnel and spare ammunitions by minimizing interference within the vehicle. The turret has two axis stabilization ability. In this context, the turret can rotate nx360 degrees unlimitedly on the azimuth axis and the weapon can rotate between -10 and +45 degrees on the elevation axis.

KORHAN is equipped with new generation communication systems developed by ASELSAN to meet the intensive communication needs of todays battle field. The system also has all the ability of performing tasks within the command and control network to coordinate with the elements to be jointly worked.

KORHAN has high survivability through the use of laser detection and warning system (LUS), active self-protection system AKKOR, composite or ceramic modular armor protection and smoke. In addition, KORHAN has full dominance on the battlefield and superiority over the enemy with 360 degree situational awareness panoramic vision system (YAMGZ), gun dependent sniper and independent commander sight systems, battlefield recognition system (MSTTS) and satellite type Mini Unmanned Air Vehicle (MIHA). KORHAN System can be automatically directed and neutralized the threat by detecting the direction of the threat using the Sniper Locating System (AYHTS) on the turret when the system is under fire.

In addition, there is a Weapon Position Detection System - SPOT system on the turret. SPOT (Weapon Position Detection System) is a system that detects the direction and range of supersonic bullet shots from sniper rifle type weapons with high accuracy. It has a suitable design for on-vehicle, gun turret and single-arm wearable. The system is very small compared to similar products and has superior detection performance.

2017 Korhan 35mm Next Generation Tracked IFV

In May 2017 Turkey's Aselsan company publicly demonstrated its latest Korhan next generation with 35 mm cannon infantry fighting vehicles. The design of the chariot is simple, with a modular unmanned turret, automatic defense system, with 360 degrees horizon ability, can carry about nine full armed staff.

The new development of the Turkish company Aselsan, which was presented at the XIII International Defense Industry Exhibition IDEF-2017, aroused genuine interest on the part of a number of military delegations from the Middle East. Turkish defense company Aselsan at the arms exhibition IDEF 2017 showed at the exhibition a new modular fighting machine infantry Korhan with a 35mm gun. In addition, as a support for the main gun, a 7.62 mm machine gun was paired with a head caliber.

The armament complex of the new infantry fighting vehicle makes it possible to successfully combat lightly armored vehicles of a potential enemy, as well as to hit low-flying targets such as helicopters and unmanned vehicles.

The company Aselsan announced it would shortly field tests of a new combat vehicle with a new weapons complex. The new development may also be of interest to the national armed forces and replace the obsolete tracked fighting vehicles in the troops.

ASELSAN Stabilized SARP Remote Controlled Weapon System, tactical land vehicles and fixed installations in the air and land and used threats against asymmetric threats. Different weapons can be fitted to the system in accordance with the operation needs. The SARP System, which provides day and night surveillance, target detection and follow-up, has the highest level of security of the personnel with its advanced remote command capabilities.

With its high firepower, improved target tracking system, self-protection and environmental awareness, the class can take an active role with the crew. Thanks to its expandable architecture, if needed, additional features, updates and additions to the system can be made, which is very important. Korhan uses a 35mm gun as its main weapon system. Developed by the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institute (MKEK), this shell can also use other 35mm ammunition.

Korhan can use this power not only on land , but also against enemies in the air. The system can defend itself against helicopters, planes and unmanned aerial vehicles . Intelligent ammunition selection is being made thanks to the automated tapeless ammunition supply mechanism developed by ASELSAN. Armor-piercing, antipersonnel, ammunition suitable for air targets can be selected according to the type of target.

The gun tower of Korhan is totally unmanned, thus positively contributing to the separation of personnel protection and the maximum amount of personnel in the vehicle. In addition, Korhan can protect itself with a new generation communication system, laser detection and warning system, active self protection system (AKKOR), composite / serkemik armor system and smoke flares.

All the crew have a panaromic vision system that creates 360 degree environmental awareness, sila-dependent sniper and independent commander vision systems, system-integrated satellite mini unmanned aerial vehicle (MHA), sharp detection system and active gaming power in modern battlefields.

Korhan 35mm Next Generation IFV Korhan 35mm Next Generation IFV Korhan 35mm Next Generation IFV Korhan 35mm Next Generation IFV Korhan 35mm Next Generation IFV Korhan 35mm Next Generation IFV Korhan 35mm Next Generation IFV Korhan 35mm Next Generation IFV Korhan 35mm Next Generation IFV

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