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Harrier - Specifications

Sea Harrier FA2 Harrier GR7/7A
Length 46ft 5ins 14.36m
Span 9.25m
Engine A single Rolls Royce Pegasus
vectored thrust turbofan.
RR Pegasus 105 or 107 turbofan
Static thrust 21,500lbs. 21,750lbs
Max Takeoff Weight 11,884 kilogram (26,199 pound) 1
Min Weight 6,615 kilogram (14,583 pound) 1
Payload 3,630 kilogram (8,003 pound) 1
Weapons AMRAAM Air to Air Missiles
Sidewinder Air to Air Missiles
2 x 30mm Cannons

Bombs (including 1000lb, 540lb and LGB)
Self Defence chaff and flares
Reconnaissance camera

AIM-9L Sidewinder
Paveway II
Paveway III
Enhanced Paveway
General Purpose Bombs
Radar Ferranti "Blue Vixen" track-while-scan, multi-mode, Pulse Doppler
Speed 540kts / 0.9Mach574kts
Max altitude 43,000ft
Endurance 1hr 30mins (on Combat Air Patrol (CAP) 100nm from Aircraft Carrier)
Aircrew 1

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