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L9077 - Bougainville

The Bougainville was laid down ["Put on hold"] on January 28, 1986, launched on October 3 of the same year. Bougainville entered the active service on June 25, 1988. The only ship of its class, it was the last ship launched by the Dubigeon building sites before their closing, this is why it keeps a privileged place in the heart of Nantes. Construction was completed by the building sites of the Atlantic at Saint Nazaire.

Financed by the DIRCEN (Direction of the center of experimentation nuclear), and initially designated as BTS (Bâtiment de Transport et de Soutien - Ship of Transport and Support), Bougainville was based in Polynesia, where it filled the missions of inter-island maritime transport (Tahiti-Hao-Mururoa-Fangataufa), and support of the nuclear experiments with a capacity of evacuation and medical support of the sites and hotel support.

In September 1998, it left Polynesia and joined Lorient, where it was transformed into a ship for collecting information, fascinating in that the continuation of Berry. Bougainville then became homeported in Toulon with onboard, a crew of the National marine and technicians of the Management of Military information (DRM).

The ship was deployed, as of October 2001, and tasked with the collection of information in the Indian Ocean, at the conclusion of the attacks of September 11, within the framework of the support brought to the forces of the coalition in the Afghan conflict.

At the beginning of 2006, Bougainville again became again a ship of transport and support (BTS). It was replaced, in its intelligence collection mission, by the Dupuy of Lôme. In its last missions, the ship was tasked with transport and co-operation missions off of West Africa and in the Indian Ocean.

On May 29, 2009, Bougainville was decommissioned and placed on “reserve” status. Its hull was slated to eventually be broken up..

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