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Exocet AM.39 / MM.40

Contractor Aerospatiale
Entered Service1977
Total length 580 cm
Diameter 34.8 cm
Wingspan 113.5 cm
Weight 855 kg
Warheadimpact with delay- and proximity-fuzed
high-explosive shaped charge,
Warhead Weight 165 kg
Propulsion : Condor solid propellant booster, 2 s burn;
Helios solid propellant sustainer, 150 s burn
Maximum SpeedMach 0.93
Attack Altitude3 meters "sea skimming"
Maximum effective range
  • MM-38 - 42 km
  • MM-40 - 70 km
  • MM-40 blk 3 - 180 km
  • SM-39 - 50 km
  • AM-39 - 50 km from a height of 300 m
  • AM-39 - 70 km from a height of 10,000 m
  • Navigationinertial
    Guidance mode ESD ADAC X-band monopulse active radar homing
  • MM-38 for arming surface ships (1975). The range is up to 42 km.
  • AM-38 for helicopter armament. Not adopted for service.
  • SM-39 for submarines. It is launched in a capsule loaded into the torpedo tube
  • AM-39 for airplanes and helicopters (1979). The range is up to 70 km.
  • MM-40 for coastal defense and surface ships. The only version of the turbojet rocket. It has an increased launch range (on the modification of Block III up to 180 km). Adopted in 2008.
  • Service France, Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, Singapore.

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