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Dearsan Shipyard

Dearsan is a modern shipyard which operates in Istanbul, Turkey. Dearsan Shipyard has the ability to build 9 ships of various types at the same time with its 126 m long skid, 15.341m2 closed ship building site, 15.870 m2 open area and 31.211m2 total area. Dearsan specializes in the design and construction of private military ships, with the integration of weapon systems, as well as in the construction of complex commercial ships such as tugboats, fuel/chemical tankers, fast passenger ferries. Dearsan shipyard has proved its worldwide design, engineering, fabrication and installation capability with its facilities and experienced workforce.

Dearsan Shipyard has NATO Secret Facility Security Certificate, NATIONAL Secret Facility Security Certificate, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Certificate and SASAD Defense Industry Manufacturers Association Certificate.

Since Dearsan Shipyard was established in 1980, it has undertaken the construction, fabrication, repair and modification of numerous ships. In addition, the construction of 16 "Tuzla" Class Patrol Boats needed by the Turkish Navy is being carried out by the shipyard in accordance with the delivery schedule determined. The design of the 57-meter "Tuzla" Class Patrol Boats was developed by the Dearsan shipyard. In addition to being the first warship built by the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry, design and manufacturing of Tuzla Class Patrol Boat was met by the Turkish Defense Industry.

Dearsan was founded in 1980. Until 2001, company repaired ships such as tugboats and tankers. It also produced tugboats in the following years. The first ships produced were exported to EU countries. These were the ships that were designed according to foreign design studies and then crafted and managed. In 2007, with the crisis in the sector, military projects were also included in the fields of activity. Realizing military projects has huge costs, especially in terms of financial and bureaucratic works. These are the issues that many shipyards do not want to deal with during the good" days when civil works are sufficient. Before the crisis, tanker production was going well; all companies were producing tankers. In military production, bureaucracy is very heavy and quality control standards are very high. It is very heavy processes in terms of cost and labor, when a shipyard reaches the level to build a military ship, especially having some certifications.

Building a ship is like planning a city. Step by step, like needle lace. There are all kinds of systems in it; There are wet areas, water systems, thermal systems, electrical systems, electronic systems, noise systems and vibration systems. The ship is actually a set of systems where all possible problems can arise. You have to see and solve all these problems beforehand. Design and advanced engineering are very important for this. Because after the ship is finished, it is almost impossible to correct something backwards. While this ship is supposed to make 25 knots speed, it is very difficult to make 25 knots if it makes 23 knots. Somewhere the noise level should be 80 dB, while 85 dB is very difficult to fix. If a silencer makes the back pressure 30 dB instead of 28 dB, it is very difficult to lower it. In addition, the placement areas are limited. Removing a device that you put in again means maybe removing a lot of other parts. This means time, time affects cost and contract. Therefore, every money, every effort allocated to design is halal and should not be saved in any way. No savings should be in design and engineering.

Approximately 40% of the personnel are not actually involved in production. These are mostly working to improve quality and qualification. This increases the overhead costs considerably, so the initial investment cost of military projects is high. The most important event for us in our history is the delivery of the New Type Patrol Boat (YTKB) project to our company. Parallel to the design and construction works of YTKB project, the shipyard completed all certification processes. An organizational structure that actually applies these certifications, not on paper. In other words, the effort spent on these should not be considered as a waste of time and the money spent on them as a financial burden. If you do not evaluate them in this way, your success in this sector can be permanent.

The YTKB [Yeni Tip Karakol Botlari = New Type Patrol Boats] project is the first warship built by the domestic industry, which does business to the civil industry, using metal and sheet metal. An ambitious delivery program, such as 3 ships in a year, is carried out. The Naval Forces Command also rewarded the Turkish shipbuilding industry and ther company by naming the first ship as Tuzla. Ships are now transferred to the world literature as TUZLA class ships. This is of course a great honor for the shipbuilding industry. Customer satisfaction is high on ships. Final delivery of 8 of them was made. By 2014, the 12th was about to be delivered. A number of ships were also exported to these figures. That is Turkey's first steel ship export projects in the field of defense industry related to shipbuilding. These are many firsts in the industry. Of course, there are some costs of being the first.

In this sector, 15-20 thousand people live with Dearsan and their families. The English pronoun is it" and in Turkish is o when talking about the aircraft and the land vehicle. For ships, the "she" pronoun which is valid for the female beings is used, they are assets, they have a quality, and above all, they have a soul. You make two ships, one becomes the first shot, one is the last in the shot. Maybe they are the same ship, they came out of the same shipyard, but the ship has a soul, a living organism. Separate care should be taken for each part. Every place should be done with great care, with love.

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