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Tuzla Class - New Type Patrol Boat [NTPB]

The YTKB [Yeni Tip Karakol Botlari = New Type Patrol Boats] Project Contract was signed between SSM and Dearsan A.S. on August 23, 2007, for the acquisition of 16 New Type Patrol Boat for Turkish Navy. On February 18, ‘o8, the Tognum Group announced that its subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen had received two major orders from the Turkish government to supply engines for the New Type Patrol Boats [NTPB] and MilGem prototype TCG Heybeliada corvette for a total of approximately Euro6o Million.

Development activities are being carried out carefully by Dearsan to have similar variants of Tuzla Class Patrol Boat in order to have the flexibility for specialiesed requests and requirements from other end users therefore tailor building the Tuzla Class Patrol Boat for each client such as adding a rear ramp for inflatable craft for Coast Guard operations, integrating different missile systems for air defence, adding a larger forward gun for corvette type missions or even extending the dimensions to comply with end user requirments (ie. LOA, beam). In addition to the Tuzla Class Patrol Boat program and its variants, Dearsan has also the capabilites to design and build tug boats, replenishment at sea tankers, fast intervention boats with aluminium hull and corvette type ships as well. Dearsan also has package projects for submarine rescue motherships, special forces attack crafts and landing ships for armored cavalry.

The design of the 57-meter Tuzla Class Patrol Boats was developed by the DEARSAN Shipyard. In addition to being the first warship built by the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry, the design and manufacturing of the Tuzla Class Patrol Boat were met by the Turkish Defense Industry. As a part of the Turkish Defence Industries Undersecretariat (SSM) initiative to boost local support on defence sector in line with the 2007-2011 Strategy paper, 16 Turkish design new type patrol boats have been constructed by local contractors in Istanbul since 2009. As a key sub-contractor, system provider and main integrator, HAVELSAN plays an important role on this project.

For the 16 NTPBs, MTU Friedrichshafen will supply 32 engines of the type 16V 4000 M90, including transmission, to Dearsan Gemi Insaat Sanayi in Istanbul, Turkey. A new generation of 4oo-tonne boats capable of more than 25 knots is being produced to a Turkish design. Each of the patrol boats will have two 16-cylinder engines, each with a maximum power output of 2,72o kilowatts [3,7oo horsepower]. The first engines are to be delivered in ‘o9.

On August 23, ‘o7 the SSM awarded Dearsan Gemi Insaat Sanayi with a Euro4o2 Million contract to construct and deliver 16 New Type Patrol Boats, as well as vessel and coast level spares, to Turkish Naval Forces [TNF] Command, utilising local infrastructure and capabilities to the maximum extent.

The New Type Patrol Boats will meet the reconnaissance, surveillance, patrol and anti-submarine warfare requirements of the TNF and will provide support in the defence of Turkey’s naval bases and harbours. The first boat will be delivered in the 36th month [December ‘1o] following effectivity, with the final boat [16] scheduled for delivery in the 85th month [January ‘15].

The boat will be 56.9 m in length, 8.9 m in breadth and 395 tonnes in full load displacement. To be operated by a crew of 34, the YTKB-400 will be able to reach a maximum speed of 25kts and will have a range of over 1,ooo nm. The New Type Patrol Boats will have a steel-constructed main deck and hull and will be able to carry out operations at sea state 5 without any limitation and be readied for operation in 48 hours.

The propulsion units from the Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen will also power the first of the MilGem platforms, TCG Heybeliada [F-511], a so-called prototype. For this approximately 1oo-metre ship, MTU will deliver the entire drive train – a combination of diesel engines and gas turbines, comprising two MTU 16-cylinder Series 595 engines, each supplying up to 4,32o kW [5,875 hp], an LM2500 gas turbine with 23,ooo kW [31,280hp], a CODAG [Combined Diesel and Gas Turbine] transmission, drive shafts and controllable-pitch propellers. The drive train will be completed with electronic control and monitoring equipment from MTU. The 31,64o kW [43,o3o hp] power pack will accelerate the ship to a maximum speed of more than 29 knots. The complete drive train is to be delivered in the middle of ‘o9.

The responsibility of design, construction, system integration, performance and timely delivery is the responsibility of Anadolu Deniz Insaat Kizaklari Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. HAVELSAN provides turn-key combat systems with state-of-the-art technologies and conducts the following activities onboard the new type patrol boats; Program Management, System Engineering, Combat System Integration, Sub-contractor Management, Configuration Management, Ship Data Distribution System Production, and Tests & Integrated Logistics Support. As HAVELSAN had been speciliased on system integration, required software, hardware and expertise have been developed and implemented by HAVELSAN. Members of combat system provided and integrated by HAVELSAN include: Navigation System, Command and Control System, Communication System, and Weapon System. During sea trials of the first boat of the project, systems integrated by HAVELSAN demonstrated an outstanding success. Especially, repetitive direct hits by HAVELSAN aligned systems during gun fire tests have been remarkable.

TCG KDZ Eregli (P-1214) Patrol Ship was deployed to the port belonging to the Black Sea Region and Garrison Command in the Eregli district of Zonguldak. The Turkish-made Tuzla class Patrol Ship was deployed in the military port of the Black Sea Region and Garrison Command in the Kdz Eregli district of TCG KDZ Eregli (P-1214). After a year of construction and testing in Tuzla Class Dearsan Patrol Ship Shipyards, TCG Karadeniz Eregli (P-1214) ship approached Kdz.Eregli on 9 January 2015. It was learned that 4 officers, 11 petty officers, 5 expert soldiers, 15 soldiers served on the military ship, which was 100 percent Turkish. It is stated that the Tuzla-class Patrol Ship, which is 56, 8 meters tall and 8.9 meters wide, is the first in the district of Kdz.Eregli (TC-Karadeniz Eregli) (P-1214).

Dearsan Shipyard built 10 Serhet-class patrol boats for the Turkmen fleet in the last decade, which are more armed versions of Turkey’s Tuzla-class patrol boats. Turkmenistan bought eight new well armed naval vessels from Turkey, marking a substantial increase in capability for the country's nascent navy. The ships were built by Dearsan, which had already been contracted by Turkmenistan for two fast patrol boats. The eight new ships were of the same size as the two previous ships, but better armed. Each was equipped with four anti-ship missiles, two remote-controlled MANPADS-sized surface-to-air missile launchers, a 40 mm main gun, a six-barreled anti-submarine mortar, two remote-controlled 12.7 mm guns and two remote-controlled 25 mm guns.

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