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Austria - Bundesheer - 4 Panzer Grenadier Bde

The 4th mechanized infantry brigade is the second mechanized brigade of the land forces. In addition to its "Leopard"-Kampfpanzern and the "Ulan"-Schützenpanzern, the Association has still the Jäger battalion 12, Panzergrenadiere in Ried/Innkreis. This allows very flexible inserts throughout the country or abroad - either to the flood relief or in the peace mission in Kosovo.

The 3rd and 4th Panzer grenadier Brigade and the 6th and 7th Jäger Brigade covering all the tasks set out in the Constitution of the Federal Army. The Jäger brigades ensure the ability to international missions by the high level of training of their soldiers and their mobility (luftbeweglich, armored high-mountain-movable or easily). The associations of the Panzergrenadier brigades are characterized by high intrinsic protection against environmental influences and weapons effect, great agility and massive firepower.

The Panzerstabsbataillon 4 [armored staff battalion 4] supports the Brigade at all tasks: the management support company ensures the connections (radio, telephone, etc.). The workshop company and the supply and transport company are responsible for the repair of vehicles and equipment, and also provide the Brigade with ammunition, equipment (fuel, etc.) and field stuff goods. The soldiers of the ABC defence company are specialists in nuclear, biological and chemical threats, and leave and Cadet from all over Germany are trained by the teaching company. The headquarters company available is finally to the self-sufficiency of the battalion.

The reconnaissance and artillery battalion 4 represents the eyes and ears of the 4th mechanized infantry brigade. His soldiers are active in the use of front line and track, how far enemy forces are already advanced. Furthermore they provide with their M 109A5Ö armored howitzers for the steep fire support of the Brigade. After calculating the target coordinates, the Gunners can accurately hit targets within a very short time from a distance of many kilometers or illuminate all areas.

The Jäger battalion 12 supports the 4th mechanized infantry brigade with additional infantry forces.

The mechanized infantry battalion 13 is particularly flexible through its mix of infantry and combat armored personnel carriers. His extraordinary strength is alternating between the battle of the infantry fighting vehicle and the swarming of the soldiers in the area.

Tank battalion 14 is the armored, mobile and fire force-hard core of the 4th mechanized infantry brigade. Through its "Leopard" 2A4 main battle tanks it has two strengths: agility and firepower. These benefits fully to bear come primarily flat and hilly areas.

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