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ASELSAN is a national technology company that maintains its sustainable growth by creating value in the global market; preferred due to its competitiveness, trusted as a strategic partner, and caring for the environment and people. By focusing primarily on the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces to provide high-value-added, innovative and reliable products and solutions to both local and foreign customers in the fields of electronic technologies and system integration; the company's continuing activities are in line with global targets as well as increasing brand awareness and contributing to the technological independence of Turkey.

ASELSAN realized 52% of its TL 2,780 million in total sales to the TAF with private companies and other corporate customers accounting for 28% of sales. Exports accounted for 20% of sales. ASELSAN signed contracts/orders amounting to USD 3,879 million in 2015, while its backlog stood at USD 4.3 billion at the end of the year. ASELSAN’s share price varied from a minimum of TL 11.20 and a maximum of TL 17.16, ending the year at TL 16.87, posting a gain of 40.58%. Accordingly, the Company’s market value ended the year 2015 at USD 2.9 billion.

ASELSAN designs air defense gun and missile systems by integrating high performance sensors, command control, communications and fire control systems based on layered air defense concept. ASELSAN commenced her activities in air defense field with the Stinger Missile Joint Production Program about 20 years ago. Afterwards, ASELSAN added Air Defence Command and Control System (HERIKKS) and Air Defence Radar (KALKAN) to the air defense product portfolio. ASELSAN became an air defense solution provider for Turkish Armed Forces and for potential customers in global market, to provide all three essential assets of air defense, weapons, sensors and command control systems.

With the experience of 25 years in air defense area, ASELSAN carries on with the design, development and production of KORKUT Self Propelled Air Defense Gun System and HISAR Low/Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile Systems which shows that ASELSAN is capable of designing and producing air defense systems, using different caliber guns, different type of missile or rockets for land, navy and airborne applications. ASELSAN is also capable of modernizing the existing air defense systems according to the new requirements of the international armed forces.

ASELSAN put special emphasis on Weapon Systems field of activities, where ASELSAN again have indigenous products for the purposes of coastal defense, border defense and defense of naval platforms. ASELSAN Stabilized Gun Platforms: The ASELSAN Stabilized Gun Platforms, which can be mounted on either stationary or mobile platforms, are designed for purposes of coastal defense, border defense and defense of naval platforms against asymmetric threats. By its stabilized structure, remote operability feature, automated target detection function, and firing accuracy, the system can be recommended for all combat purposes. 7,62mm, 12,7mm machine guns and 40mm grenade launcher can be integrated to STAMP and SARP while 25 mm guns are used in STOP and CLAW and 30mm guns are used in SMASH.

Fire Control Systems: ASELSAN Fire Control Systems for towed and self-propelled howitzers combine fire control, fire direction and communication systems, which provide the capability for rapid deployment, relocation, accurate gun laying and integration into the modern artillery command and control systems. The mission oriented, menu driven graphical user interface enables the user to perform the missions fast, accurately and effectively. Fire Control Systems present an open architecture to be tailored for the specific requirements of users.

ASELSAN also offers its expertise primarily on the Integrated Combat Systems' development, system design and system integration projects for combatant and non-combatant surface platforms such as fast patrol boats, patrol boats, corvettes, frigates, amphibious ships, rescue ships, seismic research ships and submarines. ASELSAN, in the bases of user requirements; is developing Integrated Naval Systems supplying the most appropriate technical performance, user interface and logistic performance by using its experience and infrastructure on Project Management, System Integration, Sub-system Design-Development fields.

Taking user requirements into consideration, ASELSAN utilizes in house developed subsystems and technologies such as integrated communication, fire control, stabilized weapons, sonars, torpedo countermeasure, electronic warfare & intelligence, navigation, radar, electro-optics, data distribution and data communication systems. So, ASELSAN becomes the "system solution partner" for naval shipbuilders and navies, providing cost efficient, custom made turn-key solutions.

ASELSAN is a global provider of advanced radar systems serving both military and civilian markets. Through significant investments and devotion to research and development, ASELSAN has evolved into a forward-looking technology company providing turnkey radar solutions to customers throughout the world. ASELSAN has introduced to the market a variety of radar innovations covering land, naval and airborne platforms. Today, ASELSAN’s radar product portfolio includes air defense, reconnaissance and surveillance, airborne imaging and weapon locating radar systems. ASELSAN radar system expertise covers frequency bands L through Ka Band and encompasses advanced radar technologies such as active phased array, GaAs and GaN based Transmit/Receive Modules. With its award-winning new facility in the south of Ankara, dedicated to radar and EW systems, ASELSAN has solidified its place as Turkey’s Center of Excellence for Radar Technology and has proven itself as a major player among the world’s largest radar manufacturers. ASELSAN radar solutions fully address the increasingly sophisticated global challenges of this century.

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