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The AMX-10RC is a medium armored car mounting a 105-mm cannon on a turret. The AMX 10 RC is a strongly armed amphibian reconnaissance vehicle, endowed with very good mobility on road and any path, protected against light weapons of infantry and the effects of artillery, able to fight in contaminated atmosphere. It is intended for reconnaissance missions in traditional or nuclear environment, implying fast displacements and great amplitudes before engagement. It constitutes the fire vehicle the reconnaissance units and armoured regiments. The armor consists of plates rolled and welded out of light alloy. The turret is traditional, of highly shaped form.

The AMX-10RC wheeled (6x6) combat reconnaissance vehicle [CRV] which became operational with the French Army in the late 1970's can be used for direct fire support of infantry units and for engaging enemy tanks, in addition to conducting reconnaissance. The vehicle has rather powerful armament — a 105-mm smoothbore semiautomatic gun (barrel length 48 calibers) mounted in the armored turret. It has been reported that the fin-stabilized APDS round penetrates the NATO triple tank target at a distance of 2,000 meters. A 7.62-mm machinegun is coaxial with the gun and smoke grenade launchers are mounted on the sides of the rear of the turret.

The COT AC fire control system includes a laser range-finder and electronic ballistic computer. The gunner has the M504 telescopic sight integrated with an electronic unit for automatic input of data for fire adjustment. Fire is conducted in hours of darkness using a night vision television device (with two screens for the commander and gunner) and an infrared sight.

The majority of AMX-10RC CRV's use the same engine as the AMX-10P IFV, but the last vehicle lots were delivered with the 6F 11 SRX 300 hp diesel engine. The engine is accommodated in the rear of the vehicle. It is connected with a four-stage gearbox combining the functions of the steering mechanism through a hydraulic torque converter. The AMX-10RC turns at various wheel rotation rates on the right and left sides. The adjustable hydropneumatic suspension permits changing road clearance from 210 to 600 mm. Tire pressure is regulated depending on soil type. Two water jets are used for moving over the water at a speed up to 7 km/hr. The vehicle is equipped with an air filtration and ventilation system and radio.

More than 270 AMX-10RC CRV's had been delivered to the French Army by 1990, by which time around 100 such vehicles had been purchased by Morocco.

The French Army also sent a division to Operation DESERT STORM. The 6e Division Légère Blindée (6e DLB) had six battalion-sized maneuver combat units, two of which were reconnaissance elements. These were the 1er Régiment Étranger de Cavallerie (1 REC) and the 1er Régiment de Spahis (1 RS). Each regiment contained 3 company-sized squadrons, an equipment inventory of 36 AMX-10RC armored cars, and 12 HOT ATGM systems mounted on wheeled APCs. Two of the 3 battalion-sized motorized infantry regiments in the division each also had a supporting armored car squadron of 12 AMX-10RCs.

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