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The Zubr hovercraft has a range of 483 kilometers at 55 knots and is capable of carrying 136 tonnes, including up to three medium tanks or 500 marines. Its top speed is more than 60 knots on land, water and ice, and it is capable of clearing obstacles 1.5 meters high. It has the carrying capacity for 3 main battle tanks with an overall mass of 150 tons or 10 armored personnel carriers weighing up to 131 tons plus 140 marines, or 8 infantry fighting vehicles with mass of up to 115 tons. If not equipped with armor, Zubr is capable of carrying 366 men.

After China successfully obtained the "European Bison" - Zubr - class air-cushion landing ship, it had the advantage of tanks/units crossing the sea at high speed and directly landing on the land and not affected by tides, the rapid amphibious assault capability will be greatly enhanced, which is suitable for rapid force dispatching in the South China Sea Islands, such as Xisha Yongxing Island, etc. When the island is the base, its endurance is enough to cover the entire Xisha Islands . However, it is more difficult for the Nansha Islands to lack large islands as a base. When fighting against Taiwan, the bison type can carry the advance troops to cross the sea at high speed. In less than 4 hours (the traditional landing ship takes 8 to 10 hours), direct force is sent to Taiwan's outlying islands or the island's important strongholds for the first wave of rapid assaults, and its endurance is roughly enough to make a round trip between the Taiwan Strait.

As a product of the inland sea landing operations thought, the "Bison" level is quite different from the 726 type in layout and tactical use. The "Bison" landing craft is the world's largest air-cushion landing craft. It has a full-load displacement of 555 tons. It adopts the shielded deck structure commonly used by the Soviet large-scale air-cushion landing craft. The maximum speed is 60 knots, and it can carry 3 main battle tanks or 10 armored vehicles. 360 full-armed soldiers can be carried without heavy equipment. The "Bison" class is also equipped with AK-630 rapid-fire guns, portable air defense missiles and multi-barrel rockets and other ship-borne weapons, with strong self-defense capabilities and a certain fire support capability.

Because the "Bison" class is huge, it can't be loaded on the dock landing ship like the 726 type landing craft, which means that it can only perform shore-shore landing missions, and the small voyage (300 nautical miles) makes it mainly perform offshore landing operations. Mission, in the combat system, relying on its own heavy load, high speed, strong self-defense ability, combined with other faster landing combat transport tools to form the first wave of landing force, transport heavy equipment to the beach area, improve the first wave Landing power's combat capability.

The model of the 726 landing craft +071 dock landing ship is obviously influenced by the combination of the US large landing ship + LCAC. Because the 726 landing craft can be carried by the 071 type dock landing ship during the flight, its scope of operation is far. More than the "Bison" class landing craft. The Type 726 landing craft is strictly within the range of the fleet's air defense firepower. It is to be loaded in the dock landing ship. The short shape is far more important than the strong self-defense firepower.

To put it bluntly, the role of "Bison" is limited to combat against Taiwan. If it is equipped with an additional fuel tank in the cabin, it can further cover the Diaoyu Islands. The Type 071 dock landing ship is equipped with a Type 726 landing craft to conduct beach landing operations in the Nansha Islands far from the mainland, and to revisit the vision. The Type 726 landing craft +071 dock landing ship will be one of the main tools for the PLA's future intercontinental remote power deployment. Its significance is far from being comparable to "Bison".

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