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Type 74

The first ship of the Yuhai-class Medium Landing Ship was completed in 1995 at Wuhu Shipyard. This new type of medium landing ship has been identified in service with the PLA Navy since 1995. Codenamed by Western analysts as Wuhu-A or Yuhai class, this new landing ship might be a successor to the Type 079 (Yulian class). The ship is capable of carrying 250 troops or 2 tanks. The armaments include two dual-14.5mm anti-aircraft machine guns.

At least 10 ships had been built by 2000. One ship was sold to Sri Lanka in December 1995. Of the 13 ships known to have been constructed, three are based in the North, four in the East, and six in the South Sea Fleet. According to Jane's Fighting Ships 2003-04, it is not clear whether construction is still taking place.

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