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Type 074 Yuhai LSM / Type 074A Yubei LCU

The Type 074 Yuhai-class Medium Landing Ship [LSM] and Type 074A Yubei-class Landing Craft Utility [LCU] share a similar designation and the same [more or less] hull and machinery, but their visual appearance is strikingly different, as is their mission. The Type 074 Yuhai-class Medium Landing Ship [LSM] was designed to undertake amphbious assault forcible entry operations, while the Type 074A Yubei-class Landing Craft Utility [LCU] was designed to support peacetime logistical support.

Because of the flat-bottom structure of the 079 type small landing ship that China's military used, the speed is slow and the wind and wave resistance is poor. The 708 Institute developed the Type 074 small landing ship according to the 271IIIA type. The first boat was built at the Wuhu Shipyard in 1995, and one ship was exported to Sri Lanka in December of the same year.

Type 074 Yuhai-class Medium Landing Ship

Type 074 (Yuhai class) small landing ship structure is much more advanced than the 079 type. It not only adopts a non-flat bottom design, but also has a split door and a folding double-section suspension bridge instead of the 079 type. A lowered door. This first door facilitates the entry and exit of tanks, artillery and vehicles, and is also conducive to increasing the speed. There are also cranes on the deck for loading and unloading light cargo. Overall, this type of landing craft has advanced design, good airworthiness, strong maneuverability, and strong amphibious combat capability. It can not only undertake landing missions, but also undertake daily transportation tasks, and has excellent draft and shallow beach performance. More importantly, this type of landing craft has a maximum speed of 18 knots, which is about three-thirds higher than the 079-type boat. One or four hours can cross the Taiwan Strait, which is very suitable for the needs of offshore landing operations.

The first ship of the Yuhai-class Medium Landing Ship was completed in 1995 at Wuhu Shipyard. This new type of medium landing ship has been identified in service with the PLA Navy since 1995. Codenamed by Western analysts as Wuhu-A or Yuhai class, this new landing ship might be a successor to the Type 079 (Yulian class). The ship is capable of carrying 250 troops or 2 tanks. The armaments include two dual-14.5mm anti-aircraft machine guns.

At least 10 ships had been built by 2000. One ship was sold to Sri Lanka in December 1995. Of the 13 ships known to have been constructed, three are based in the North, four in the East, and six in the South Sea Fleet. According to Jane's Fighting Ships 2003-04, it is not clear whether construction is still taking place.

Type 074A Yubei-class Landing Craft Utility

The 074A universal landing craft is loaded with more than 800 tons and can carry up to three 96-type tanks or six 63A-type amphibious tanks. The first boat was added to active service in 2003. At present, the boat is still under construction. According to the news, several ships were recently produced, mainly to replace the old boats of the Hong Kong Garrison.

The boat adopts a straight-through deck type, and the superstructure such as the bridge is located on the starboard side, forming a two-story long deckhouse. The vehicle deck is unified with the upper deck. The bow is partially double-body structure with the first door in the middle. The bow of the ship is naturally inclined to the waterline.

The 074A landing craft was developed by the Chinese Navy from the Type 074 ("Yuhai" class) landing craft. It uses double-head pressure wave, longitudinal flow wave-eliminating, double-flip linear design and open-through straight deck with double sections. The island side deckhouse on the right side of the ramp, the dual-machine, double-propeller, and double-rudder landing craft driven by the diesel engine. The 074A has a landing load capacity of 70 and a fleet of three 96-type tanks. The 074A landing craft uses a 12V20/27 diesel engine with a rated power of 1200 kW. The power station uses a TBD234V6 diesel engine and two 286-4SA95-Z generators with a rated power of 150 kW.

The total length of the boat is 63 meters, the width is 10.8 meters, the depth is 4.8 meters, the full displacement is 696.5 tons, the maximum endurance is 1000 nautical miles, the maximum speed is not less than 17 knots, the maximum self-sustaining force is 10 days and nights, the wind resistance is 8 grades and can be sailing normally in grade 5 sea conditions. There are 27 staff members, including 6 officers. The weapon is configured for two parts of the boat.

The 074A type landing craft adopts a straight-through deck ship type. The superstructure such as the bridge is located on the starboard side, forming a two-story long deckhouse. The vehicle deck is unified with the upper deck. The bow is partially double-body structure, the middle is the first door, and the first deck of the ship is naturally inclined to the water line. The main anchor is provided on the first two sides of the ship (usually the landing craft is provided with a main anchor at the bow and a tail anchor at the stern). The ship uses a side stack, and the exhaust port is located at the lower part of the rear side near the water surface, which is very beneficial to its own infrared stealth. There is also equipment for the boat. Compared with the previous Chinese landing craft, the style of this type of boat is one of the new.

This class ship can transport 3 type 96 main battle tanks, or 59 modified tanks (3 units) and one infantry reinforcement platoon (70 people), or 63 type amphibious tanks, or 3 medium-caliber field guns (including tractors) ), or 6 infantry fighting vehicles, or 250 fully armed soldiers, of course, can also be mixed according to the needs of combat missions. The ship can also deliver landing combat ammunition, fuel or oil to the landing force when transporting other combat materials or performing a resupply mission.

The problem is that China's army has a large number of 072 series tank landing ships full of more than 4,000 tons, as well as a 073A type landing ship with a full load of 2,000 tons, and a 071 type integrated landing ship with a full load of 29,000 tons. Why should China build this less than 1,000 tons? This is because the ruler is long, the inch is short, and the purpose is different! The Type 074 landing craft can usually be used as a service vessel. The cargo compartment can transport people, transport vehicles, and transport other cargo. In the wartime, the second echelon and the third echelon can be transported ashore. Because of the small size, you can go to other big ships to go to places, such as walking between islands and reefs. Although the Chinese Navy has a special island reef supply ship, the tonnage is too large. There are large docks on the big island like Yongxing Island. However, more small island reefs do not have this condition at all, and small ships are still required for transport.

In 2007, Chinas second-generation 094A island reef supply ship, with a full displacement of about 15,000 tons, has three times the oil tank, water tank and cold storage, and the carrying capacity has been greatly improved. Hundreds of beds have been set up to meet the needs of hundreds of squadrons, and the speed and endurance are much higher than before. But the same, the tonnage of the Type 094A is three times greater than earlier ships, reaching more than 15,000 tons, greatly limiting its ability to pass in shallow waters. Hundreds of tons of the 074A landing craft, used for landing in wartime, is usually used for small island transshipment and replenishment, which is a very good idea. And with the construction of the South Island Reef, 074A should be more and more, and which type of boat is more suitable for it. Later, small-scale replenishment around the city, including the future of Taiwan and Diaoyu Islands.

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