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YJ-91 / Yingzhe-91 / Eagle Strike 91

In the 1990s, China purchased an unknown number of KH-31P anti-radiation missiles from Russia. This type of missile is the fourth-generation anti-radiation missile developed by the Soviet Union (the third generation internationally), and it is also based on the Soviet air defense suppression theory. "The Last Masterpiece". In 2007, China improved the KH-31P missile based on its own achievements in microelectronics technology, and successfully developed the Eagle Strike 91 anti-radiation missile, and at the same time developed an anti-ship-type Eagle Strike 91 on this basis.

The Eagle-91 is known as a "tailor-made" nemesis for the Aegis system. It is divided into two types: anti-radiation and anti-ship models. The head structure varies with different missile models. The anti-radiation head is equipped with a passive radar seeker and a killing blasting warhead, and the anti-ship type head is equipped with an active radar seeker and a semi-armor piercing warhead. Based on information from various parties, the Eagle-91 is 4.7 meters long, 360 mm in diameter, 0.6 tons in weight, 90 kg in warhead, and has a maximum range of 50 kilometers and a minimum range of 5 kilometers.

The Eagle-91 anti-radiation missile is superior to the high-speed anti-radiation missiles such as the Mozu and Hamm currently in service in the United States in terms of flight speed and lethality. It can effectively attack large surface ships such as the Ticonderoga class and Burke class. AN/SPY-1 Aegis phased array guidance radar.

In August 2012, the Eagle Strike 91 and Eagle Strike 83 K anti-ship missile models appeared on the deck of the "Liaoning" aircraft carrier. The emergence of the missile model means that the J-15 can use the above two missiles to attack enemy surface ships. The Eagle Strike 91 and Eagle Strike 83 K anti-ship missiles, the combination of sub-superior missiles and active/passive combination of the two missiles, improve the effectiveness of attacking surface ships. Even warships equipped with the "Aegis" air defense system will face severe tests.

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