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Y-20 / Y-XX Military Transport

Role Strategic airlifter
origin People Republic of China
Manufacturer Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation
First flight 26 January 2013
Introduction 26 December 2015
2008 estimate2012 reports
Length: 49 meters44.1-47 meters
Wingspan: 50 meters45-50 meters
Height, overall: 15 meters18 meters
Height, fuselage: meters7.5 meters
Width, fuselage: meters 5.4-5.5 meters
Wing area: 310 m2330 m
Max. wing loading 710 kg/m
Empty weight: 100,000 kg100,000 kg
Max takeoff weight: 220,000 kg180-220 metric tons *
Payload Capacity: 60,000-65,000 kg40-66 metric tons *
Power: 4 turbofans
WS-10 [GE F101]
@ 27,600 lbst each
Maximum speed: 750-800 km/h
Cruising speed: km/h630 km per hour / Mach 0.75
Range: (with max payload) 4,400 km 4,500 km with max payload
7800 km with 40 tons
10,000+ km with paratroops
Service ceiling: 13,000 m 13,000 meters
Takeoff run at MTOW
Crew: 3 3 - pilot, copilot & load master
* Note lower value with WS-18
higher value with CJ-1000A

* There is obviously a major range of uncertainty as to the dimensions of this aicraft. Open sources report a length of 47 meters and a 45 meter wingspan - a length/wingspan ratio of 1.04. But widely disseminated line art, that seems to agree with photographs of the aircraft, indicate a length/wingspan ratio of 0.95, while some Chinese line art [with clear defects], urges a length/wingspan ratio of 1.08.

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