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The Y8F600, an advanced civil cargo transport, has the powerplant replaced by advanced one, the cargo system improved and its overall life prolonged. The Y8 is a four-engine medium transport aircraft developed and manufactured by Shaanxi Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of AVIC II. It has a maximum take-off weight of 61 tonnes and maximum payload of 20 tonnes. The Y-8 series includes 16 successfully developed versions, with a total of 90 aircraft produced and sold. It is mainly used in general transport and postal aviation. It is mainly used for air transport of concentrated cargos or bulk cargos as well as for general purposes.

The 4th Chinese and Spaceflight Exposition was held in Zhuhai on Oct. 4th, 2002. There, SAC, Antonov ASTC, P&W company, Canada made an agreement that three of them join together to develop Y8F600 aircraft--the new generation of mediun-sized transport in China.At present, SAC accompanied with Antonov ASTC is designing the new Y8F600 transport. Besides Antonov ASTC and P&W company, Canada, SAC is working in international cooperation with other companies, such as Dowty Group Ltd. (UK), Honeywell Company (USA) and so on.

The Y-8F600 aircraft is in fact of the Antonov An-12 four turboprop transport aircraft, based on the modification of the aircraft, and in extensive cooperation in the project, both sides share risks, aircraft assembly work in China, instead of Antonov aircraft company design consultants, design, dynamics, structure and strength, the experts gave broad support.

On 06 November 2002 China Aviation Industry Corporation II (AVIC II) and Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) announced that they have signed agreement for the installation of the PW150B engine on the Y8F600 aircraft program. The aircraft development program has been launched and aircraft certification is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2005. AVIC II chose the PW150B in their strategy to widen the Y-8 market, further improve operational performance and reduce direct operating costs. The PW150B engine will power AVIC II's new Y8F600 model. The PW150 is a latest-technology engine developed based on the PW100 engine family's 74 million hours of flight experience. Fitted with the PW150B, Y8F600 will offer improved take-off performance at "hot and high" airports and high altitude cruise performance, extended engine service lives, and lower engine operating and maintenance costs. In addition, noise levels will be reduced and meet stringent airport noise restrictions. The Y8F600 is also be fitted with modern industry standard civil cargo handling systems. With aircraft MTOW increased to 65 tonnes, the Y-8F600 will have broad market appeal and sales of more than 100 aircraft is expected.

Four PW150B turboprop engines made inP&W Company, Canada and the mating R408 propeller made in Dowty Group Ltd., UK are adopted for the Y8F600 aircraft. The 6-bladed, 13.5-ft diameter, modern technology, all-composite propeller system for the Y8F600 (rated at a max take-off power of 5,071-shaft horsepower) is identical to an existing Dowty propeller system already operating within China. Dowty Propellers was in the unique position of being able to offer a fully developed, mature propeller system, which has already been integrated onto the PW150 engine.

The freight transport system can realize a quick loading and unloading within 30 minutes.Y8F600 aircraft takes two crewmembers. It is equipped with advanced electronic flight information system (EFIS),engine indication and crew alerting system (EICAS), advanced communication system, radar system,navigation system,air-groud bi-directional data-link communication system,traffic alert and collision avoidance system(TCAS), enhanced ground proximity warning system(EGPWS),flight control system,advanced air-r-conditioning system and APU to improve its adaptability.

The spacious pressurized cargo cabin (maximum payload 20t, volume 170m3) can load a cargo 18m long. The side-opened cargo door is compatible with the general loading/unloading equipment so that five international standard pallets (containers) of 125"96" or seven ones of 108"88" may be loaded/unloaded within 30 minutes.

It was planned to have the trial flight carried out, airworthiness certificate gotten and the first Y8F600 aircraft submitted in 2006. The aircraft made its first flight on 14 January 2005.

ANTONOV ASTC takes part in Y8F600 project since 2002 when the correspondent contract with the SAC was signed. ANTONOV passed to Chinese airplane builders the results of strength and aerodynamics researches as well as the materials on operational processability and service life of AN-12 airplane, which became a basis for development of Y-8 airplanes family. Models of Y8F600 were made and tested in the wind tunnel of ASTC. The results of these and other researches were passed to the Chinese party.

On September 21, 2007 during AVIATION EXPO/CHINA'2007 international airshow, ANTONOV ASTC from the Ukrainian side, Shaanxi Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (SAC) and CATIC from the Chinese side, signed the Contract on cooperation on modernization of Y8F600 Chinese medium transport airplane. According to this document, ANTONOV ASTC will perform a full estimation of Y8F600 airplane, its systems and give an advice on the further development and modernization. Fulfillment of these recommendations will provide compatibility for Y8F600 on the international market for the next 20 years.

"We take part in Y8 programme with the especial feeling. It is the furthest development of the AN-12 - one of the most successful ANTONOV-designed transports. AN-12 was the basis of transport airplanes fleet of many countries of the world during a long time. Such class aircraft is required today as well. Therefore we and our colleagues are sure in the success of Y8F600 project."- commented conclusion of the new contract D.S.Kiva, General Designer.

Cargo cabin length 16.2m
Minimum cargo cabin width 3.2m
Minimum cargo cabin height 2.35m
Cargo cabin volume 155m
Maximum take-off weight 65t
Maximum landing weight 65t
Maximum Payload 20t
Maximum fuel capacity 19t
Maximum payload range 1700km
Ferry flight range 4800km
Maximum level flight speed 650km/h
Cruise speed 550~600km/h
Cruise altitude 8000m
Service ceiling 10300m
Distance of take-off 1600m
Distance of landing 1800m

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