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Y8F100 / Y8F200 / Y8F400

The Y8F100 aircraft has some avionics replaced, the cargo transport system redesigned and an overall modification conducted according to the airworthiness requirements of CCAR25 on the basis of Y8 prototype aircraft. The Y8F100 aircraft is equipped with many advanced avionics, which are color weather radar, air traffic control (ATC) system, electronic flight instrument system (EFIS), VHF omni-directional range instrumentation landing system (VOR/ILS), distance measuring equipment (DME), global positioning navigation system, flight data recorder (FDR), HF and VHF radio sets. They together ensure safe flight of the aircraft in all weather.

The wide cargo cabin is capable of carrying four of 88108 inch pallets,or eight 8854 inch pallets, or three 96125 inch pallets, or three 88125 inch pallets and one 88125 inch pallets and one 8854 inch pallet of international standard.The tail-to-tial connection of aircraft and vehicle can ensure the loading and unloading of cargos. Motor vehicle may be driven directly into cargo cabin through the auxiliary cargo ramp. Y8F100 aircraft is also fitted with tie-down device and barrier net.

The Y8F200 aircraft is a pressurized civil aircraft modified on the basis of Y8C aircraft according to the CCAR25 requirements. It can transport concentrated cargo, bulk cargo or containerized cargo. Four international standard pallets (containers) of type A or B can be loaded in cargo cabin. Its maximum payload is 15 ton. The type certification (TC) was issued by CAAC in Oct. 1997. Y8F200 aircraft has a Cargo barrier net and smoke detector added,some communication,navigation and instrument system raplaced by imported advanced equipment.The pressurized cargo cabin ensures air transport of fresh goods or livestock for a very long distance.Ranp-type cargo door is convenient for loading vehicles and equipment. The rear door can also be butted with ground loader-unloader to realize quick loading and unloading.

The Y8F400 aircraft takes 3-crew instead of 5-crew. It has refitted more advanced and concentrated avionics with a new comfortable and rational-arranged cockpit.Thus,it's more reliable and safe to fly Y8F400 aircraft. It is mainly used for air transport of all kinds of cargoes with the maximum payload of 15t. It can be used to carry bulk cargos, concentrated cargos or containerized cargo. Four internatingal standard pallets (Type A or B), or a cargo 19 meters long can be loaded in cargo cabin. The pressurized cargo compartment ensures that all kinds of fresh goods and livestock can be transported for a long distance and a long time.

By using the hand-operating beam hoist ( maximum hoisting weight of 1000kg), loading,unloading and moving of bulk cargo in the cabin can be fulfilled. The ramp-type rear door with an angle of not more than 16.5 between the door and the ground ensures that vehicles and towing machines may be directly driven into the cabin. The ramp rear door can also be butted with the loader-unloader to achieve quick loading and unloading of cargo or pallets via the roller system onboard. The Y8F400 aircraft can also load and transport motor vehicles.

Max. take-off weight 61t
Max. landing weight 58t
Empty weight 34t
Max.payload 15t
Max. fuel load 14.566t
Max.range with full fuel load 4500km
Max. range with payload 2150km
Cruise altitude 8000m
Cruise speed 500~550km/h
Distance of take off run ( take off weight 58t ) 1270m
Distance of landing run ( landing weight 61t ) 1050m

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