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Y-7 CURL / MA-60 Modern Ark

Y-7-100 MA-60
Body length23.71 meters 24710 mm (24.71 m)
Wingspan29.64 meters 29200 mm (29.20 m)
height.. 8853 mm (8.853 m)
Cabin length.. 10794 mm (10.794 m)
Cabin width.. 2686 mm (2.686 m)
Cabin height.. 1907 mm (1.907 m)
Weight and load
Maximum takeoff weight21.8 tons 21800kg.
empty weight.. 13700kg
largest commercial load.. 5500kg.
Maximum fuel quantity.. 4030kg.
Engine2 WJ5A-1 turboprop engines of China Dongan Engine Co. , with a thrust of 2,900 hp Canada Pratt & Whitney PW-127J free turbine low fuel consumption engine, w/ USofA Hamilton 247F-3 low noise four-blade propeller
Maximum cruising speed518 km / h 514 km / h
Economic cruising speed423 km / h (263 mph / hr) 430 km / h
Maximum load range 910 km
Full flight.. 1600 km
maximum fuel range 2420 km 2450 km
Practical ceiling 8750 meters 7620 m
crew3 two-person
capacity 52 people 56 to 60 passengers
Autopilot .. US Collins APS-85 autopilot system with flight guidance and autopilot to meet Class II instruments
Landing gear .. electronic anti-skid brake system tubeless wheel to shorten the running distance; with ground reversing function, can be turned on small scale apron
Derivative models
  • Y-7 basic type : a total of 20 units
  • Y-7-100 : The basic type of Y-7 is a standard production type. It is developed through international cooperation through the technical level of the world's advanced regional aircraft in the 1980s. The improvement work was completed by Xi'an Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd. The Y-7 basic model flew to Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport on December 29, 1984, and the equipment was modified. It was modified by Xi'an Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. on January 3, 1986. The first Y-7-100 aircraft was refitted in more than seven months and delivered to the test flight on July 28 of the same year. Delivery began in February 1987, and as of June 1991, a total of 70 were delivered. The modified items are: Air crew changed from 5-person to 3-member; The navigation and communication equipment were fully updated, and the modified equipment and cockpit layout meet the requirements of the FAR and BCAR airworthiness regulations; Updated environmental control system, cabin interior and passenger living facilities in accordance with cabin comfort levels in the 1980s; Added winglet
  • Y-7-200B : A modification of the Y-7-100. The retrofit began in March 1988. First flight in November 1990, put into use in 1992
  • Y-7-200A : A modification of the Y-7-100, the later New Boat 60 (MA-60) . The fuselage lengthened 1 meter and used two Canadian Pratt & Whitney PW124A turboprop engines, which flew for the first time on December 26, 1993.
  • Y-7F : Y-7 freight type, according to the model designed by the former Soviet Union AN-26 freighter, there is cargo loading and unloading springboard at the rear of the fuselage. Models include military and civilian. Military type Y-7H , first flight in November 1989. Civilian number Y-7H500 , first flight in December 1989.
  • JZY-01 : Shipborne early warning aircraft test machine
  • Y-7 development type : 60-64 extended type scheme under study.
  • Y-7J : Bomber pilot trainer
  • Y-7E : Y-7H high prototype
  • New boat 60 business plane;
  • New boat 60 marine monitoring machine;
  • New boat 60 medical ambulance;
  • New boat 600.

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