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Y-7-200A / Xinzhou 60 / Modern Ark 60 - Variants

Although the MA 60 has introduced a considerable amount of Western aviation technology, it has not obtained flight certification from the European Union and the United States, so the main customers are mainly third world countries .

On March 17, 2014, AVIC held a special group leading group meeting for the Xinzhou aircraft, and launched a special rectification campaign for the Xinzhou aircraft. The speech at the conference emphasized that it is necessary to reshape the concept, change the mechanism, and benchmark the advanced civil aircraft management system from design, manufacturing, supplier management to operational services, speed up the problem solving, and improve the "Xinzhou" aircraft as soon as possible. The quality of operation reshapes the brand image of domestic civil aircraft.

The meeting arranged the special reorganization of the "Xinzhou" aircraft and launched a special rectification of the "MA" aircraft for three months. He Shengqiang, general manager of AVIC Xifei, made a special rectification report at the meeting. He deeply reflected on the strategic positioning, concept, standards, operation system, mechanism system and team of the civil aircraft industry, and proposed the marketing and design of the civil aircraft. Restructuring plans for five systems of assurance, supplier management, manufacturing, and operations support clarify three measures currently being taken to improve market response and emergency response capabilities and to improve operational quality as quickly as possible.

Fang Yufeng, chairman of AVIC Aircraft, made a civil aircraft reform report at the meeting. He stressed that in accordance with the system and concept of modern civil aircraft, a comprehensive design review of the "Xinzhou" 60 aircraft should be carried out to further improve the safety and reliability of the "Xinzhou" aircraft.

AVIC Xifei has formulated the basic strategy of three steps for Xinzhou 600 and Xinzhou 700, which is based on the market and the successful development and introduction of the new boat 60 passenger aircraft and business jets. Customer demand-oriented, in the new boat 600 and new boat 700 and other follow-up models timely cargo aircraft, VIP business aircraft, marine monitoring aircraft, remote sensing aerial survey aircraft, medical ambulances, artificial rainfall machines, forest fire extinguishers and other multi-purpose modification, Adapt to the higher requirements of the global market and customers. The development goal for the next few years is: the fleet size of the Xinzhou 60 aircraft will increase by 30%-50% per year; the Xinzhou 600 aircraft will enter the market quickly, with the goal of maintaining more than 100 vehicles in the market.

Xinzhou 600 / Modern Ark 600

The improved MA 600 of the MA 60 first flew in 2008. The Xinzhou 600 aircraft has undergone a new improvement in airborne equipment and cabin interior decoration. Developed by AVIC Xi'an Aircraft Industry Group (AVIC XAC), the MA60 and MA600 turboprop aircraft are designed for use on regional commercial flights and have been used in part for cloud vaccination - a weather control measure that involves clouds through the "vaccination "Rain down with silver iodide - modified. As the first model of the MA series, the MA60 was China's first short-haul turbo-prop aircraft built to International Airworthiness Criteria. It was designed for short runways. The MA600 is an advanced version of this model.

The prototype 60-seat Xinzhou 600, or Modern Ark 600, powered by a turboprop engine, slid off the production chain on 29 June 2008 in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, marking another stride toward China's goal of being a global player in aircraft manufacturing. The new 56-seat plane is an upgrade of the first China-designed regional civil airplane, the M-A 60. The new model is said to be safer and of higher quality. The design has also been improved to be more passenger-friendly and has new turboprop engines that are more fuel-efficient. Each plane costs about 15 million US dollars. Developers have targeted 300 orders in the next 10 years.

The new boat 600 aircraft are China Aviation Xi'an Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. in Xinzhou 60 aircraft modified base (MA60) on. Improvements have been made in integrated avionics systems , structural design and cabin environment, comfort levels, system maintainability and reliability. The main improvement projects include: improving the maintenance of the aircraft and the fatigue life of the machine through structural improvement; using a vitrified cockpit, an integrated avionics system consisting of five integrated displays; through the design of integrated avionics and fault diagnosis systems Improvements to improve fault diagnosis and aircraft attendance.

The new boat 600 has a maximum range of 3,000 kilometers, and develops ETOPS functions to meet the special user needs for cross-sea flight. New improvements have been made to the interior decoration of the new boat 600 aircraft to improve the comfort of the aircraft. In addition, the improvement project also includes the whole machine weight reduction, shortening the take-off distance, increasing the commercial load , better fuel-saving performance, and effectively improving the economics of aircraft operations.

It is able to take off or land on a runway between 1,200 meters and 2,000 meters long and has an extended flight range of two hours, which lengthens its total voyage capability to 3,000 kilometers in one hop. The 60-seat MA600 was 300 kilograms lighter than the MA60, making it 40 percent more fuel-efficient than turbofan-powered aircraft.

A new updated version of China's Modern Ark 600 passenger plane made a successful maiden flight on 10 November 2008. The aircraft took off and landed in Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province in northwestern China. A new-generation short haul passenger aircraft solely developed in China has completed a successful trial flight, paving the way for commercial production in 2009. The turboprop should enter the market in the second half of 2009 and reach an annual capacity of 10 to 15 between 2010 and 2012. Up to 30 a year could be made according to market demand. It is expected that the demand for the new boat 600 in the global market will exceed 300 in the next 10 years, and the domestic number will exceed 120-150.

Despite the poor reputation of the MA-60 and the high number of accidents, the Lao Air Force has ordered four MA-600 transport aircraft (MA-600, upgraded version of the MA-60) during 2012-2013. Pen transactions are generally considered to be very inefficient. However, due to the fact that these MA-600 aircraft may be deployed at other airports, but not seen at Wattay Airport, the current situation is unknown.

Xinzhou 700 / Modern Ark 700

AVIC XAC is already developing the next model of the MA series, the MA700, which is in the detail design phase and is expected to fly until 2019. The MA700 was designed as a high-speed turboprop regional aircraft. So far there are already 185 orders from 11 domestic and foreign customers for the machine. The research and development of the 70-seat MA700 was also underway. The debut of the Modern Ark 700 would expand sales in Europe and North America. It would prove competitive on the global market with the most advanced turboprops from Italian-French firm ATR and Canada's Bombardier Inc.

The new boat 700 is designed in a 70-seat class and is positioned to undertake a medium-volume market within 800 kilometers. The regional air transport business can adapt to the complex flight environment and short-range frequent take-off and landing in high altitude areas, and the fuel consumption, operating costs and maintenance costs are lower than similar aircraft. Its cabin system consists of the Cabin Core System (CCS) and the Airborne Entertainment Subsystem (IFE), which are an important part of the aircraft avionics system, equivalent to the "brain" and "central nervous system" of the cabin system, controlling lighting and temperature. Important information such as emergency instructions and broadcasts. Xifei plans to complete the design , test, trial production, test flight and airworthiness certification of the new boat 700 aircraft in 6 years from 2012. It will be delivered to users in 2019. It is the new generation of the new boat family to participate in the world. For the high-end market competition of similar aircraft, the preliminary work of model development has been basically completed. In January 2018, the development of the Xinzhou 700 aircraft project has entered the stage of engineering development, and the trial production and verification work will be fully launched. It is planned to achieve the first flight at the end of 2019, and the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration type certificate will be put into the market in 2021.

On August 25th, 2015, AVIC held the New Boat 700 market promotion conference for the new turboprop regional aircraft at the 12th Moscow Air Show and showed the full-size cabin of the aircraft. The New Boat 700 introduced advanced technology of regional aircraft such as high-efficiency aerodynamic design, telex operating system and integrated modular avionics system. It was revealed that the "New Boat" 700 has successfully completed the conceptual design and top-level design of the aircraft. The design and design parameters have been frozen and will be transferred to the engineering development stage.

This advanced aircraft is planned to fully expand into the European and American markets in the future and participate in global market competition. The new boat 700 aircraft development project is a new-generation turboprop regional aircraft project under the auspices of AVIC Group and AVIC Xifei Company to consolidate and expand the share of the new boat series in the international market.

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