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WS18 Turbofan

The WS18, which powers the new X'ian H6K bomber, is a coproduced version of the Russian Dvigatel D30KP turbofan, which powers the IL-76. It has been oft reported that SARI was developing a highbypass turbofan based on the engine core 8developed for the WS10A. The prototype for this engine may be known as the FWS10118, which also may be known as the WS10D, a 12+ton thrust engine.

It has been speculated that the new Y-XX "200 ton" heavy transport prototype may be powered by four Russian D-30KP-2/WS-18 turbofans, which may be replaced when the improved WS-10 turbofan becomes available. The IL-76 has a maximum take-of weight of 190 tons, so a 200 ton transport aircraft might need a more powerful engine than the D-30KP engine.

It was reported in 2002 that China had imported 240 D-30 KP-2 engines from Russia to use in upgrading its H-6K bombers. The H-6K project stopped because of the suspension of the contract for 240 D-30KP2. J-10 and H-6K production were only restarted after China started to purchase engines from the Russians again.

On 29 August 2006 AVIC Hong Yuan held forged casting industry company forge ceremony for a new model 18 engine. Smooth delivery of the new engine forgings marks the company achieved a major breakthrough on research and development in the new machine heavy forgings, had leapt to a new level.

In June, at Hongyuan company received AVIC I Xian aircraft engine (Group) company the model next 18 forgings production tasks. The series in the production process has two distinct features: a technical difficulty, mainly in large tonnage, high technology complex, implementation standards; second, resource shortages of raw materials, production schedule tight, short development cycle, high quality requirements is the first of the large forgings.

After undertaking the task, the company was founded by General Manager Yang Chunshang as Commander of the Working Group, under the technical attack group, production coordination oversight group group, resource group, quality, timely to convene special meetings, organizing materials, development, production and every link to make careful arrangements, as a series of effective protection and management measures to ensure that the model forging smoothly push forward by node. Corporation has been adjusted and enriched the scientific research and production teams, improve the Foundation for scientific research and production conditions, in particular strengthening the quality management, strictly in accordance with technical requirements dealing with the problem, solve technical difficulties in the development and production of forgings, guarantee the smooth progress of the development work, eventually arranging qualified successfully delivered forgings.

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