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VN-17 tracked infantry fighting vehicle

The performance of the VN-17 tracked infantry fighting vehicle is quite impressive, with a high level of commonality with the VT-5 light tank. It is mainly distributed in the mechanized elements of division / brigade, mechanized brigade, motorized brigade or mountain troops, to carry out different combat missions.The IFV shares the same power pack, transmission, tracks, armored protection, and information systems as the NORINCO's VT-5 light tank. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with vehicle integrated electronic information system, can realize the vehicle, inter-vehicle information collection, processing, display, battlefield command and other functions.

With a weight lighter than a tank, the VN-17 has a full range of protective capabilities. Chinese sources claim that with protection to NATO 4569 standard level 6, it can withstand the direct impact of high-speed projectiles. [This is confusing, since a "NATO 4569 standard level 6" implies a very robuts level of protection, but is a level not otherwise attested. Standard sources go only up to level 5.]

China demonstrated many of its domestically developed tanks and other land-based weapons in an arms show before hundreds of foreign military officers in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region on 17 August 2017. The event was held by State-owned China North Industries Group Corp, commonly known as Norinco, the country's biggest maker of land-based armaments.

The VN-17 infantry fighting vehicle made its public debut at the demonstration. Many of its large parts, like the chassis and engine, are the same as those used by the VT-5. It features an unmanned turret. Both the VT-5 and VN-17 are powered by domestically developed engines, which means China will no longer be bothered by interventions from some foreign suppliers. Unlike the VT-5 with the engine in the rear, the VN-17 has a motor to the right of the driver.

The VN-17 heavy infantry fighting vehicle is a special type of heavy infantry fighting vehicles. It inherited the VT-5 tank high mobility, and has a new fire control system. In the future war, the ground armor cluster's high-speed assault capability is also very important. When a tank conducts a high-speed assault, the accompanying heavy infantry tanks should also have considerable mobility. The mobility is not pulled down by the tank, and the fire control also meet the needs of high-speed movement to the fight.

Many people expect the VN-17 to install a 35mm or even larger caliber artillery, but the VN-17 is still the top of the 30mm cannon, set in an un-manned turret.

In theory, the VN-17 can carry a variety of guns as its weapon system. The VN-17, in order to achieve heavy protection under limited weight, shortened the length of the entire chassis. If this is used for the turret, then the turret basket will squeeze the cabin space, which is bound to reduce the number of infantry carried. To ensure that the cabin space, the turret ammunition and supply systems, fire control and sighting systems are all placed in the unmanned turret. To ensure high mobility with shooting ability, the size of the artillery and ammunition system can not be too large.

So the final VN-17 with 30 mm gun as its main gun was a trade-off, and 30 mm gun firepower problem is solved by missiles. Although the 30 mm gunfire may be slightly inadequate, but the Red Arrow-12 semi-active laser guided missile is sufficient to deal with any armor target.

In addition, in recent years, China's foreign trade armor and anti-armor development has advanced technology and there are many elements of progress. All in all, after years of accumulation of efforts, it is only a matter of time for China's foreign military sales to achieve more results. In the future international military and trade bids, the Chinese arms sales are no longer as before a specialty to fight for users, but a comprehensive system of products and potential rivals to competition.

The VT-5 has many advanced design features and equipment. It is the first Chinese export tank with an automatic loader that has improved reliability, security and higher speed when firing the main weapon. Its firepower, armor and mobility are good for the needs of developing countries that they can not afford and do not necessarily need expensive Western tanks such as the American M1A2 Abrams and the German Leopard 2.

VN-17 tracked infantry fighting vehicle VN-17 tracked infantry fighting vehicle VN-17 tracked infantry fighting vehicle VN-17 tracked infantry fighting vehicle VN-17 tracked infantry fighting vehicle

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