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Type 99A2 Main Battle Tank
ZTZ-99 / WZ-123 / MBT-2000

A reported variant, referred to as the Type 99A2, was trialed at the end of 2007 showing additional ERA coverage on the tank's turret. China Type 99A2 tanks equipped with a new protection system in began fielding 2009. Type 99A2 development work had been going on for five years.

China is laying the foundation is in accordance with its original type 99 tanks, the development of a more powerful power of Type 99A2 tanks. Type 99A2 its main body design uses the original form of 99 tanks. In combat, navigation, night observation systems, has been well strengthened. Not only to maintain the original "active / passive" process defense system. It also adds some new system developed by the PLA.

The body armor structure using the original Type 99 armored tanks foundation structure. The new type of explosive reactive armor suit of armor, greatly increases the tank's armor protection. In the face of emerging Asia, Japan and South Korea the latest main battle tanks like the enhanced armor-piercing blows, with a certain amount of protection increased capacity.

The Type 99A2 main battle tanks, artillery will be two kinds of different configurations, the current one kind or 99G type A1 tanks installed 1140mm, said Chinese-made guns. At the same time it is equipped with a new type of PLA armor-piercing depleted uranium penetrators. Although China has consistently claimed that no depleted uranium penetrators use of foreign R & D details. But still there is news that the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the U.S. Army with this armored Locker almost the same level of penetrators. The penetrator tests in accordance with Chinese authorities, including in the 1400 meters ripped MIA2 all third-generation main battle tank armor.

Type 99A2 was developed by the China North Industries Corporation and the 201 Institute. Compared with the previous 99A1, Type 99A2 turret on the front of the volume has increased, but the original reactive armor has also been redesigned. Structurally judgment, Type 99A2's overall defense capability has been further enhanced: its wrapped style explosive reactive armor, can significantly enhance the Asian countries to resist the new armor-piercing capability. In addition, Type 99A2 chassis has also been enhanced to improve the performance of anti-tank mine.

With China's various types of tank equipment previously different, Type 99A2 turret equipped with a millimeter-wave radar is equipped with a new active protection system. Prior to 99 tanks on the equipment is a kind of laser suppression system, outside the frequency range of its role is still unclear.

In addition to armor upgrades outside, Type 99A2 tanks, the most remarkable feature is fixed in the turret at the Active Protection System (APS). Lite the Type 99A1 tanks laser aiming system pressure, can make the other sights failure, this system also has a laser communications. This active protection system replaces the 99 tank's original laser countermeasure device, you can determine that this active protection system is equipped with millimeter-wave radar.

Type 99A2 of the equipment of the integrated power device including transversely disposed engine (power of 1500 hp), transmission and cooling system and the fuel tank. At the same time, Type 99A2 fire control system has also been further improved. The system includes aimer and used car length collimator (with separate stabilizing device), laser range finder, thermal imager, digital ballistic computer, weapon stability instrument, a large number of sensors (responsible for collecting atmospheric conditions, barrel wear and tear data), automatic target tracking system and is equipped with a color display console utility vehicle length. Thermal imager captured image can be sent directly to the car in front of a long and aimer color display. In addition, the tank is equipped with inertial and satellite navigation systems, the received information is also long before the vehicle can be displayed on a display superimposed with the electronic map. The tank is also equipped with modern radio.

Military experts believe that the tank may be equipped with China has developed a 140 mm caliber gun for many years. Previously reported that such a large-caliber artillery can breakdown almost all active main battle tank front armor. The gun can be fired only include depleted uranium penetrators, including various types of tank shells, but also imported from the Russian artillery launch laser-guided missiles. Of course, because of this gun is not very mature technology, therefore, Type 99A2 on active duty may still be equipped with the same 125 mm 99 caliber guns.

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