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Type 095 Sui Class SSN

The existence of the 095 attack submarine was confirmed by the US Naval Intelligence Development Report published by the US Naval Intelligence Office in 2009. The PLA(N) is currently transitioning from older, less reliable attack submarines like the Romeo SS, Ming SS and Han SSN to the more modern Kilo SS, Yuan SS, Shang SSN and the Type 095 SSN. These more advanced platforms include larger weapons loadouts, better weaponry, improved quieting, and more advanced computer processing. The PLA is notoriously opaque, posing major challenges for Western analysts. Official statements regarding the intentions of China’s future nuclear submarine force are all but nonexistent.

According to the US Department of Defense's Annual Report to Congress on The Military Power of the People's Republic of China for 2010, "China is further expanding its current force of nuclear-powered attack submarines and may add up to five advanced Type 095 SSNs to the inventory in the coming years."

The 2013 edition of this report stated that "In the next decade, China will likely construct the Type 095 guided-missile attack submarine (SSGN), which may enable a submarine-based land-attack capability. In addition to likely incorporating better quieting technologies, the Type 095 will fulfill traditional anti-ship roles with the incorporation of torpedoes and anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCMs)."

Some sources report that the Type 095 (Chinese designation: 09-V) will be named the Chu Class, the 096's the Tang Class. Chinese sources report that the boats have a NATO designation of "Sui". The reigns of three sovereigns make up the story of the Sui dynasty - 581-618 AD. Because the Tang Dynasty and the Sui Dynasty had similar culture, system, and social characteristics, historians often refer to the Sui and Tang dynasties. the brief Sui dynasty laying the foundation for the glorious Tang.

In order to consolidate rule, the Sui undertook drastic reform political, economic, cultural and diplomatic areas. They consolidated a centralized system from the previous indepedent six provinces. They established the formal implementation of the imperial examination system, selection of talented people, weakening the clans. They also established procedures of monitoring system performance appraisal system, which strengthened the government mechanism, profound influence of the later feudal dynasty political system.

Since the nuclear reactor a major technological breakthrough, 09V attack submarine service time greatly advance US reckoning earliest possible deployment of troops in 2015, ONI estimated 09V submarine noise greater than Russia in the 2009 report of Akula I level.

Foreign media said that as for the submarine muting devices, in addition to the installation of shock absorber base in the noise source and in the ship hull application of high-performance silencer tile, the ship also takes initiative to reduce the noise device, making the ship produced less underwater noise. The noise is much lower, probably only 95-100 dB, well below the 115 dB of 093 submarine.

Belarus earlier sold to the Chinese Navy several sets of precision sonar telex communication system, used to install in the strategic nuclear submarines. China for the production of a new generation of nuclear submarines specifically imported automatic welding machine. Automatic welding machine and the introduction of the status of sonar communications equipment can basically determine the progress of the new generation of nuclear submarine.

The West speculated that the Type 09V attack submarine would use all the latest noise reduction measures. In view of China's Shenyang Machine Tool Plant in the precision machine tools on the first-class technology, as early as the Song class submarines began to use 7 blade propeller propulsion system, so 09V might use the updated pump push technology.

In terms of weapons and equipment, 09V may be equipped with more advanced "Eagle-62" heavy-duty anti-ship missiles and CY-3 anti-submarine missiles, will also have a vertical launch system to launch the "East Sea-10" land attack cruise missiles, the missile range can reach 2000 km, can hit the enemy at great depth.

The boat is equipped with eight 533 mm torpedo tubes, can be fired conventional torpedo, for the implementation of ordinary anti-ship, anti-submarine and other tasks, but also equipped with domestic super-vacant high-speed torpedo, the enemy aircraft carrier battle group a class of high-speed target strikes. Submarine in the back of the enclosure is equipped with 6 even loaded the sea red flag 10 short-range missiles, anti-submarine helicopters can be a class of active defense against the target.

In June 2016, China Xinhua released the basic parameters of 09V nuclear submarine: boat length 115 meters, 12 meters wide, 11 meters of draft, underwater displacement of 7900 tons, work depth of 250 meters, the maximum depth of 500 meters, single shell Structural hull, underwater maximum speed of 32 knots, 80 days of self-sustaining, members of 130 people. Hull structure for the first time using an American style single shell hull, changing the previous design of the Navy submarine layout which had been Soviet-style double hull. Acoustic reflection area is small, to avoid the enemy anti-submarine force search and torpedo end of the active seeker search tracking, can improve the viability of wartime submarines.

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