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Type 90 Armored Personnel Carrier / YW535

Type 90 tracked armored transport vehicle (factory code name YW535 ) is a tracked armored personnel carrier developed by China North Industries Corporation. This type of vehicle appeared in the early 1990s and is mainly used for export. The Chinese People's Liberation Army itself is not equipped in batches. China's 90-type track armored personnel transport vehicle (Tracked APC) China's latest technology developed a family of track-type armored vehicles, the vehicle family also includes 90-type infantry fighting vehicles, 90-type armored command vehicles, 90-type ambulances, 90-type 12 0 mm self-propelled mortar vehicles, 90 type 82 mm mortar vehicle, 90 type firearms launcher, 90 type anti-tank missile launcher, 90 type 90 armored rescue vehicle and 90 type D30 122 mm self-propelled howitzer vehicle. The Type 90 armored transport vehicle is China's own development of a new type of armored transport vehicle, similar to foreign track-type armored transport vehicle (such as the United States M113A3, put into operation in 1987). The Type 90 features, fast speed, long travel, excellent maneuverability, while its armor protection and firepower is no less than the opponent, so it can be said that its overall performance reached the world's advanced level. Type 90 is significantly improved since the old Type 63, Type 85, and Type 89. The Type 90 armored personnel carrier also uses the overall layout of the closed steel armor vehicle, engine and transmission front, facing the passenger compartment plan. It has the ability to implement floating on the water, relying on track padding and forming a water flow between the fender and the vehicle body to push the vehicle body forward. The Type 90 has great changes in appearance design. The inclination angle and installation position of the armor plate on the hull are significantly affected by the Type 86 infantry fighting vehicle (imitation of the Soviet BMP-1 ). The Type 90 armoured conveyor is welded from homogeneous steel armored plates and has a low side shape for easy concealment. The front is sharp wedges with good anti-ballistic performance. The power unit is located on the right front of the body and is completely covered by armor, and the power unit is separated from the rest of the body by a soundproofing barrier. Type 90 is 6.774 meters in length, 3.184 meters in width, 1.7 meters in height, maximum road speed of 67 kilometers per hour, maximum travel speed in water of 7 kilometers per hour, maximum road travel of 500 kilometers, climbing degree of 32, vertical obstacle crossing 0.7 Meters, the wider the trench is 2.2 meters, and the engine power is 235 kilowatts. The overall height of the vehicle body is more than 20 cm lower than that of the 85 type to facilitate concealment. The vehicle is equipped with a smoke screen launching device, a collective three-prevention (nuclear, biological, and chemical) device and an automatic fire extinguishing device. The power plant is a BF8L413FC 8-cylinder 4-stroke supercharged air-cooled diesel engine, which was introduced by the German KHD company (usually translated as Deutz). The North Industries Corporation introduced the technology in the early 1980s and was used by its own factory. The 200 kW KHD air-cooled diesel engine is small in size, high in power, low in fuel consumption, low in noise and long in service life, and can adapt to extremely harsh natural environments such as deserts, plateaus and high temperatures and cold. Installing a hydraulic converter with a clutch lock on the gearbox greatly improves the traction capacity of the 90-type vehicle. The hydraulic clutch makes it easy to switch gears. Armoured vehicles use hydraulic steering wheel-type direction control mechanism, driving operation is simple and reliable. The suspension system of the vehicle consists of a high-strength torsion lever, a two-piece plastic weight-bearing wheel and a cylindrical hydraulic shock absorber. Powerful, effective and reliable mobility devices enable the 90-type armoured conveyor to operate freely in a variety of harsh terrain conditions. The conveyor also has amphibious combat capability, the vehicle in the float only need to expand the front of the body of the water shield, it can go into the water, the vehicle through the track stroke forward. The Type 90 armoured conveyor has 2 occupants and the driver position is located in front of the left side of the engine, with 3 periscopes at the top for looking ahead, one of which can be replaced with a passive low-light night vision or infrared night vision. The captain and the driver each have 3 periscopes, of which the middle periscope of the driver can be replaced with an infrared/low-light night vision device for night driving. The vehicle can carry 13 infantrymen. The self-defense weapon is a Type 59 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun. The direction of the firing range is 360, the range of high and low firing is -5~+85, the ammunition capacity is 1,050, the shooting distance to the air target is 1,600 meters. The special feature of the derivative infantry fighting vehicle is that the turret is an in-vehicle remote-controlled 25mm caliber automatic machine gun (500 rounds of ammunition), which was considered novel equipment in the 1990s. There are 7 firing ports in the rear of the car, the on-board infantry can shoot through the shooting hole, and the 7 shooting holes are equipped with overhead periscopes. The conveyor is also equipped with a smokescreen projectile launcher, using a collective nuclear, chemical and biological protection system, with better protection. The Type 90 armored conveyor vehicle performance is excellent, therefore, based on it, our country has also developed a series of variant vehicles, such as track-type armored command vehicles, track-type armored ambulances, self-propelled mortars, self-propelled rocket launchers, anti-tank missile launchers and so on. As in the past, after the Chinese have developed a new type of equipment, they will always actively promote it to the international market. Therefore, people will see propaganda materials of Type 90 armored vehicles in various weapons exhibitions.

Full combat weight14.4 tons
Occupants and crew2 plus 13
Power per unit25 hp/tonne
Length6.744 meters
Width3.148 meters
Height 1.7 meters
Maximum speed65 km/h (road)
7 km/h (water)
Maximum uphill slope32 degrees
Maximum roll slope25 degrees
Maximum road journey500 km
vertical wall0.7 meters
Trench width2.2 meters
motor ModelBF8L413FC supercharged, medium-cooled, 8-cylinder, air-cooled diesel engine
Power360 hp
Weight-bearing wheel pair5
On-board weapons12.7 mm machine gun
Shooting holes7
  • Type 90 armored personnel carrier (YW535)
  • Type 90 armored command vehicle
  • Type 90 armored ambulance
  • Type 90 armored battlefield recovery vehicle
  • Type 90 82mm self-propelled mortar vehicle
  • Type 90 120mm self-propelled mortar vehicle
  • Type 90 30-tube 130mm self-propelled rocket launcher
  • Type 90 anti-tank missile launch vehicle
  • Type 91 armored infantry fighting vehicle
  • Type 91 armored battlefield recovery vehicle
Type 90 armored personnel carrier (YW535) Type 90 armored personnel carrier (YW535)

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