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Type 89 122-mm Self-Propelled Gun-Howitzer

The Type 89 Self-Propelled Howitzer mounts a Chinese derivative of the Soviet 122mm D-30 howitzer on the Type 77 Armored Personnel Carrier chassis, which is based on the Soviet BTR-50. China in the late 1980s began producing PLZ-89 self-propelled howitzers, mainly used for the mechanized units providing medium-range and long-range fire support. By the late 1990s, the PLA artillery equipment, the number of this type has reached hundreds of doors. China announced on its shape and the index data view, PLZ-89 is almost directly copied from the former Soviet Union developed 2S1-type "carnation" 122 mm self-propelled artillery system. Currently, PLZ-89 has a lot of equipment China tank divisions and tank brigades under the jurisdiction of Artillery Regiment (per group compiled a PLZ-89 camp). Each PLZ-89 self-propelled howitzer battalion composed of three companies, with a total of 18 guns. In addition to equipment, Army, the Chinese naval brigade under the jurisdiction of the tank regiments were also enlisted in a connected PLZ-89.

PLZ-89 first public appearance was in 1999 on a military parade in Beijing, even though its armed forces for more than ten years. Since then, PLZ-89 began to frequent appearances the PLA exercises held among all sizes. Russian military experts believe that Chinese people in the early 1980s, the former Soviet Union successfully D-30 122mm towed howitzer were generic and name it as "86" style.

Since towed artillery carry out mechanized units in advance by the road in a short time when the state can not quickly convert into shooting state, so in the late 1980s, the Chinese military has decided to develop "86"-style self-propelled artillery version of its achievements is PLZ -89. PLZ-89 using a Chinese-made "77" type of amphibious tracked armored chassis.

PLZ-89 self-propelled howitzer with a classic engine - transmission front layout. Engine room right in front of the gun carriage, the cab on the left front of the vehicle body, the rear is fighting compartment. This type of hull and turret guns are made of welded structures designed to withstand small arms ammunition and small shrapnel hit. PLZ-89 howitzers used in the system directly from the fact that "86" type of towed artillery, barrel length is 32 times the diameter. 12.7 mm auxiliary weapons a high / flat dual machine guns, can the enemy helicopters, paratroopers firing, and can destroy enemy within 500 meters of the ground lightly armored targets and personnel. The outer sides of the turret and some smoke launchers capable of firing a smokescreen. This type of artillery battle march conversion time of about 30 seconds.

PLZ-89 is equipped with the main species of anti-missile grenade blast concave bottom, the emission rate of 6-8 rounds / minute, the car bomb bay of Forty rounds. Equipped with concave bottom grenade projectile flight can increase stability, improve shooting accuracy, helping improve the artillery range, maximum range 18-21 km, minimum range 3.7 kilometers. Artillery in range and speed than ever before launching similar artillery has been greatly improved. PLZ-89 allows 360-degree shot of fire and high fire, with a larger range of fire control, easy to implement fire maneuver.

PLZ-89 combat weight is 20 tons, crew of 5 people. Its equipment a 12V150L12 water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine, maximum power of 450 horsepower, road speed of 60 kilometers, the maximum stroke 500 kilometers. The car has a high velocity and strong off-road capability, ease of operation with the companion armor.

In terms of handling, PLZ-89 equipped with a new hydraulic control unit, making driving more convenient, energy, steering machine can be freely shifted; hydraulic shift mechanism and synchronization allows shifting light and easy; pneumatic suspension makes driving more artillery smooth, track adjuster for quick and easy adjustment of shoe elastic. In addition, the gun also inherited the "77" type of amphibious tracked armored personnel carriers good surface mobility, sea conditions in the general driving and shooting, its water propulsion speed of 6 km / h.

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