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Type 86 100mm Anti-Tank Gun

The Type 86 100mm smoothbore anti-tank gun is an improvement based on the Type 73 100mm smoothbore anti-tank gun . It is now mass-produced and equipped for troops. The Type 86, A high pressure 100mm anti-tank gun, was one of the main projects of the Sixth Five Year Plan. In 1986, using advances in the production of gun steel and other gun materials, the No. 247 and No. 803 Factories produced a new gun system known as the Type 86. The Type 86 was more powerful than previous anti-tank gun systems in China ’s inventory, and is supposedly effective against composite and spaced armor.

The Type 86 100 mm anti-tank guns, compared to the 73 type anti-tank gun, has the following characteristics,

  1. a powerful, emission tungsten bombs at a distance of 3800-4000 m can effectively destroy armored battle tanks before its wear A capacity than U.S. M68V105 mm tank gun, [tungsten bullet fired FP105,]
  2. high chamber pressure, high velocity, firing tungsten bombs, chamber pressure up to 450 MPa,
  3. direct distance, shooting accuracy high, tungsten projectile direct distance of 1,800 meters, 1,000 meters on target shooting, its vertical target density of up to 0.3x0.3.
  4. tube, long life,
  5. equipped with a variety of ammunition,
  6. reasonable structure, convenient operation aiming fast.

The barrel of the gun is made of electroslag remelted high-strength gun steel, and is treated with hydraulic self-tightening; the gun mouth is equipped with a muzzle brake with a porous welded structure. The body is a vertical wedge type semi-automatic breech block; the height and direction machine are installed on the left side of the artillery; the wheels are equipped with manual and pneumatic two-in-one brakes. In an emergency, the brakes can be braked without digging and shooting, and shooting can also be carried out. Compared with the Type 73 100mm smoothbore anti-tank gun, the weight of the armor-piercing projectile is increased, the chamber pressure is increased, and the initial velocity of the armor-piercing projectile is increased. The tail structure and the extraction device have been partially improved. Other technical parameters are the same as those of the Type 73 100mm smoothbore anti-tank gun. The gun is the same. The gun is equipped with a tungsten alloy tail stabilized armor-piercing projectile, a tail armor-piercing projectile, and a tail grenade. The artillery cartridges are semi-combustible cartridges.

Type 86 100mm Anti-Tank Gun

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