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Type 83 152mm gun

The Type 83 152mm towed gun (cannon) was introduced to replace the Type 59-I 130mm towed gun. By 1986 the design was finalized into production. It equiped the Army artillery division, used to suppress, communication system and rear facilities, destroying the enemy main battle tanks, armored vehicles and self-propelled artillery, destroy the enemy field fortifications. As a coastal artillery, can destroy the enemy water target. The NORINCO (China North Industries Corporation) Type 83 was found in the howitzer battalions of artillery regiments organic at division level, and is believed to now equip reserve artillery units. Each battalion is equipped with 18 howitzers. The howitzer is mounted on a two-wheel carriage and towed by 6X6 truck. Production of the NORINCO 152 mm gun Type 83 was completed some time ago and it is no longer marketed.

The gun has a weight of 10 tons. Barrel adopts low nickel alloy steel, for autofrettage treatment, single room impulse muzzle brake; breech semi-automatic vertical wedge, equipped with latch insurance institutions; the gun barrel rotary structure, rotating 180 degrees to shorten the length of the traction, March; pneumatic type wheel seat disc for separation; type, the flat on the main frame tail plane, frame and frame by fasteners; the independent rotary car bodies and reversing lever.

The main technical characteristics are: firstly, the muzzle velocity is high, reaching 955 meters per second, which is the premise of realizing the far range. Two, far range, a range of up to 30 km, which is beyond the range of the guns in china. Three, fast speed, per minute for 3~4, at the time of the Large caliber gun , such rate is relatively fast. In addition, the gun elevation range is -2.5 degrees ~+45 degrees, angle of traverse left 24 degrees, 26 degrees to the right, March battle conversion time of 3~4 minutes, movement can use the car, can also use the crawler tractor. The velocity in the good road up to 60 kilometers per hour, off-road conditions, is 15 kilometers per hour. To equip army artillery brigade of the howitzer battalion or front independent and Liu artillery brigade. Each main gun 12 gates, each brigade 36-48 door. Long range, high precision, large power; gun can turn 180 degrees in order to reduce the March, improved mobility.

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