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Type 83 122mm gun

Chinese Type 83 122 mm howitzer is Chinese army equipment developedin the early 1980s. It featured a new type of artillery, equipped with grenades, cluster bombs and remote bombs, range farther away. The expanded large triangular frame, ensuring shooting stability. The main purpose is to support the infantry, artillery and tanks, combat operations, repression and annihilation vivid force and firearms, destroying field fortifications, but also a variety of armored combat vehicles. Gun equipped with grenades, cluster bombs and remote bombs, range farther away.

Taiyuan Institute of the artillery factory had very powerful design talent that wasn't lost during the cultural revolution. Gun factory of Taiyuan's main task was to develop the new 122 mm howitzers, while addressing the 54-1 122-mm howitzers existing technical problems in the production. Even when the Type 54-122 gun was still in production, the Taiyuan Cannon factory began work on a new gun, with a range of 15-kilometer of 122 mm howitzers (the Type 54-gun had a range of 12-kilometer, more accurately spoken of as 11.8 kilometers), which would be the second generation of 122 mm howitzers, along with the Soviet Union and the United States. The D30 artillery of the Soviet Union was developed in the late 1960. The United States had started with a 105 mm howitzer with a range of 10~12 km, but, when the second generation came along, the range was 15-kilometer, so China had to take this step too.

The development task was first set in 1958. They were designed for the 1960's, but it was not successfully developed. When in the early 1960s, a new 122-mm howitzer was developed, the biggest problem was the exhaust plume. After the gun was fired, opening the breech ejected flames which could easily burn the operators. Breech-loading guns cannot have such exhaust plume, and a big exhaust plume breech-loading gun can be bad news.. Another problem is that was too heavy, about 3 tons, the cannon March-State weight. This was the first round of 122 mm howitzers of the Institute.

Second round for a light 122-mm howitzers came after Lin Biao took office. Work on light 122-mm howitzers continued to develop during the cultural revolution. The gun factory of Taiyuan designed a gun, but dynamic characteristics were not designed well, and it had bad axial stability. This caused failure when continuously fired from the recoil of the barrel, and there was also pressure stability failure and deformation. Tests broke a cannon, so that light 122-mm howitzer project was terminated.

To developed a new 122 mm howitzers, with increased range and weight reduction, the artillery felt the weight was not too much emphasis, but range should go up. For a good range, 15-kilometer is the key performance indicator. Development was started in the 1970-1971 for the third time, the tactical and technical index and adjustment, range, it's not too heavy, at least upheld the gun heavier. Of course, it also can rotate 360 degrees, like the Soviet Union, the United States cannon at the second division level. At this time, cannon-making a plan of Taiyuan, Northwest Institute of electrical and mechanical services has put forward a proposal, but the program review did not pass.

The Type 83-122 howitzer was developed on the basis of the development of "stand on the shoulders of others", through a short period development process. From 1979 project, for the appointment of architects, 1982 into the shooting range, finished the test. Finish in less than 3 years, type testing, time is very short. In 1979 this project was determined, and the gun factory of Taiyuan appointed a Chief Designer. The design was selected for completion in 1984, the 35th anniversary of national day military parade. After mass production and deployment, replacing 54 type and 54-1 type 122 mm howitzers, and export a certain number.

The 83-122 mm howitzers finally won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress. In 1985, the evaluation of national science and technology progress Award for the first time in China. Weapon industry's award-winning products are not too many, just two or three, the Grand Prize was the Type 69 tank. There was an Accreditation Committee-National Science and technology advancement Prize Committee, covering all departments. The Prize was a diploma and a gold medal. Medal is numbered and strictly intended, with a number corresponding to a person. Type 83 howitzer system was made up of 5 items, so there were 5 gold medals. The five projects were projectiles, powder, cartridges, fuses, then the overall design.

It was exported small country in Southeast Asia, such as Sri Lanka, probably exported more than 170 in all. Foreign customers to choose Type 83, which corresponds to the soviet D30, and the Soviet Union developed a wide range of exports. The D30 artillery was not suited to jungle and hills terrain, such as paddy fields, because of its three big frame suitable for Great Plains warfare, like Irant. But in southwestern China and Southeast Asia region, the D30 artillery does not fit at all.

Diameter 122mm
Maximum muzzle velocity of 618 m / s, (Type 83 anti-burst grenade)
projectile weight 21.76 kg,
maximum rate of fire 7-8 rounds / min,
maximum range 15,600 meters (grenade), 19,000 m (remote bomb),
Minimum range 3750m
Direct distancef 1000m
Deviation 0.5%
Maximum chamber pressure 264.8MPa
Chamber volume 5.769dm3
Rifling 36, D gradually speed,
wrapping angle4 59'14 "~ 9 4'23"
Barrel length 3634mm
Recoil length 920 ~ 1050mm
Recoil resistance 141.4kN
Direction of fire 54
level of fire -3 ~ +65
March weight 2700kg
combat weight 2.627 tons
march Length 7862mm
March width 2157mm
march Height 2088mm
FireWire high 1137mm
March conversion time 1 ~ 1.5 min fighting
crew size 8 people

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