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Type 726 "Mustang" Yuyi-class hovercraft

The 726 type air cushion landing craft (English: Type 726 LCAC, NATO code: Yuyi-class, nickname: "Wild Horse" or "Mustang" = "Yema" ), is a new medium-sized hovercraft developed by China Aviation Industry Corporation , by Jiangnan Shipyard Construction, the first boat was launched in December 2009, with a displacement of about 150-160 tons, a maximum load of about 50 tons, and a top speed of 60-80 knots.

The Type 071 dock landing dock can accommodate four 726 air-cushion landing craft, one 726 can carry one ZTD-05 amphibious assault vehicle and two ZBD-05 amphibious infantry fighting vehicles and 80 Marines. The Type 726 air-cushion landing craft is an important subsystem for the design function of the Type 071 amphibious dock landing ship. It can carry 4 mechanized infantry fighting vehicles and 40 full-armed infantry or a tank and two infantry fighting vehicles. With the Yema LCAC, amphibious assault vessels can stay 40 kilometers away from the landing point and quickly deploy massive combat units. It plays an important role in the People's Liberation Army Navy's amphibious landing operations.

The coast landing zone is limited, but the hovercraft can land on more than 70% of the beach. In addition, the speed of traditional landing ships is only about 20 knots, while the speed of hovercraft can reach more than 40 knots. If the distance of the delivery is far, the advantage of the hovercraft will become more prominent. The conventional landing craft departs from the mothership to the shore and runs back and forth. The hovercraft can run two round trips, which greatly saves the time of transfer and transportation. Therefore, the Type 726 is a standard fast landing vehicle for the Type 071 dock landing ship.

Although the dock landing ship can carry a helicopter to implement vertical landing, the helicopter is not as good as the air-cushion landing craft in transporting large equipment. Without the organic combination of the 071 type dock landing ship and the 726 type landing craft, the 071 type dock landing ship can hardly complete the delivery of personnel and equipment from the near shore to the beach at the "last mile" by virtue of its huge carrying capacity. The efficiency of relying solely on helicopter transportation will be greatly reduced, which will enable the modern amphibious landing ship to quickly land in mode.

The Type 071 comprehensive landing dock can accommodate four Type 726s. Large and medium-sized hovercraft, although not as amazing, its technical threshold has forced countries to look at the aviation industry slightly associated with the high-precision, high-cost ship species, and the most core of which is its gas turbine engine is generally the core aircraft of aviation engines. The 726 also faced the weakest heart problem at the beginning of its development. In 2005, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) modified the core design of the WS-10 engine (used in fighter jets) and modified it for use in LCACs as the QC-70 gas turbine.

In the improvement of the 726A landing craft, the aviation industry industry group was deeply involved in design and manufacture, and played other important roles. The culvert of the propeller of the 726A landing craft was designed and manufactured by the Chinese aviation industry Chengdu Aircraft Industry Company. The low-power marine gas turbine is a Chinese-made QC70 gas turbine. It is a type of low-power marine gas turbine developed by China Dawn Aviation Engine Company on the basis of FWS-10. It is used in domestic air-cushion landing craft. It was successfully developed and laid a solid foundation for the mass production of domestic air-cushion landing craft.

Type 726 Mustang LCAC The medium-sized air cushion landing craft is similar to the LCAC air-cushion landing craft in the United States. According to relevant information, the Type 726 landing craft is about 33 meters long and 16.8 meters wide (pad-up state). The length of the 726 air cushion landing craft is longer than that of the United States LCAC. The LCAC air cushion landing craft width is slightly smaller. The Type 726 Yuyi full displacement is 160 tons, the loading deck length is about 28.8 meters, the maximum width is 7.2 meters. The full-load displacement is about 160 tons, compared to the 200 tons of the American LCAC. The maximum load is about 50 to 60 tons [versus the 60 tons/75 ton overload of the American LCAC], and it can carry one 99A or 96-type main battle tank, or two infantry fighting vehicles, or 80 fully armed marines. The maximum speed of more than 50 knots is faster than the American LCAC 40 plus knots with payload, sea state 2. The crew is usually 5-8 people.

The 726 is small compared with the Bison, but the 726 landing craft can be accommodated on an amphibious dock landing ship. A 071 ship can carry up to 4 ships, while the Bison is oversized and cannot be occupied by any active amphibious ship, which weakens the battlefield survival during its flight.

The loading deck of the Type 726 landing craft has an elongated rectangular shape with a length of approximately 28 meters, a width of approximately 7.2 meters, a length greater than 20.4 meters of the LCAC, but a width of 1 meter smaller than the LCAC (LCAC is 8.24 meters wide) and a loading deck area of approximately 201.6 square meters.

There is a big difference between the layout of the 726 air cushion landing craft and the LCAC. The LCAC arranges the engine between the paddle fan and the air propeller. In addition, the LCAC installs a 360 swivel thrust vector nozzle above the pad lift fan. This design can use the pad lift air to match the hovercraft rudder to the hull attitude. Control and improve mobility. This design is not found on the Type 726 hovercraft. If it is to be as maneuverable as the LCAC, the Type 726 must work on other pneumatic controls, otherwise the maneuverability may be inferior to the LCAC.

The 726 type boat is a new landing vehicle for the Chinese Navy. It took a period of verification and running-in. It requires the corresponding amphibious ship. The domestic 071 type dock landing ship is an ideal platform for the 726 type boat. A 071 type dock landing ship can carry four Type 726 air cushion landing craft. In the future, with the successive service of the Type 071 dock landing ship and the emergence of amphibious assault ships, the demand for Type 726 boats will be increased to achieve and expand amphibious combat capabilities.

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