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Type 70 122-mm Self-Propelled Gun-Howitzer

development timeMid to late 1960s
UserChina People's Republic of China
DeveloperNorthern Vehicle Factory
manufacturerNorthern Vehicle Factory
Production Date1970
weight15.3 tons
length5.476 m
width2.978 m
height4.58 m
Number of operators7 (Commander and driver, 5 artillery crew)
Armor14 mm, welded steel plate
Main weapon1 x 122mm howitzer
Maximum range 11800 meters
Secondary weapon1 x 12.7mm machine gun, or
1x 7.62mm machine gun
Ammunition reserve 40 rounds, 1000 rounds
engine6-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine
Engine power 260-262 hp
Specific power 17.2hp/t
suspensionTorsion bar
Chassis typeCrawler
Number of tire wheelsforu or five pairs
Maximum climbing 25 degrees
Combat range450-500 km
speed56 km/h, 36 km/h off-road

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