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Type 63 Light Amphibious Tank
Type 63G Light Amphibious Tank
Type 63A / ZTS-63A Light Amphibious Tank

Date of Introduction 1963 (Type 63)
1997 (Type 63A)
Proliferation Many, including North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan and Vietnam
Weight 18.4 tons
Length (Hull) 7.15 m
Width 3.2 m
Height (Top of Turret) 2.522 m
Height (w/ AA MG) 3.122 m
Track 2.82 m
Track Length (On Ground) 4.44 m
Ground Clearance 0.4 m
Crew 4
Powerplant 400 hp diesel
Maximum Speed (Road) 36 km/hr
Maximum Speed (Cross Country) 28 km/hr
Maximum Speed (Water) 12 km/hr
Fording Depth (Unprepared) 1.4 m
Fording Depth (w/ Snorkel) 5 m
Vertical Obstacle 0.87 m
Trench 2.9 m
Range (Road) 370 km
Range (Cross Country) 340 km
Range (Water) 120 km
  • 1 x 85mm smooth bore gun (Type 63)
  • 1 x 105mm rifled gun (Type 63G/A)
  • Secondary
  • 1 x 12.7mm machine gun
  • 1 x 7.62mm machine gun (bow mounted)
  • 1 x 7.62mm machine gun (coaxial)

  • crew 4
    Combat weight 18400kg
    Unit power 16kW / t
    Unit pressure 56.5kPa
    Vehicle length
    Gun forward 8.435m
    Gun backwards 7.733m
    Excluding gun 7.288m
    Vehicle width 3.200m
    Machine gun into a horizontal state 3.122m
    Command tower 2.522m
    FireWire high 1.960m
    Body length 7.150m
    Track the ground long 4.440m
    360mm Track width
    Track center distance 2.820m
    Vehicle distance to the high 0.400m
    Maximum road speed 64km / h
    Average speed
    Highway 30 ~ 36km / h
    Dirt Road 22 ~ 28km / h
    Fuel reserves 403L
    Maximum range
    Highway 370km
    340km dirt road
    Max.gradeability 78%
    Maximum roll gradient 62%
    More trench width 2.9m
    Climbing vertical wall height 0.87m
    Water Performance
    Waterjet propulsion
    Maximum speed 11 ~ 12km / h
    Average speed 7 ~ 8km / h
    Inverted flight speed 5 ~ 6km / h
    Maximum range 120km
    Into the water angle 36
    Effluent angle 28
    wind resistance three wind, 1.2m waves
    Water Minimum turning radius 6 ~ 7m
    buoyancy reserve 22%
    production company North Industries (Group) Corporation
    Model 12150L-2
    Type 12V water-cooled diesel engine
    power / speed 294kW/2000r/min
    maximum torque / speed 1862N m/1100 ~ 1200r/min
    production company North Industries (Group) Corporation
    Type mechanical transmission
    Forward gears / reverse number 5/1
    Type of suspension independent torsion bar
    Main weapon caliber / model / type 85mm/62-85Tc / rifled tank gun
    Direction of fire 360 ??
    Tilt range -4 ~ +22
    Combat rate of fire 8 rounds / min
    Maximum range
    When shooting with a sight
    Grenade 5200m
    Penetrators 4000m
    When shooting with a low level
    Grenade 12900m
    Vehicle length manipulate 10 / s
    Gunner manipulating 0.07 ~ 10 / s
    Parallel weapon caliber / type / quantity 7.62mm / machine gun / a
    Anti-aircraft weapon caliber / type / quantity 12.7mm / machine gun / a
    Ammunition rounds
    Gun ammunition 47 rounds
    Parallel machine gun 2000 rounds of ammunition
    machine gun ammunition 500 rounds
    Fire Extinguisher
    Type Semi-automatic
    Fire extinguishers Number 3
    Portable fire extinguishers 2
    Generator voltage / power / model / type 28V/3kW/ZFC3000 / DC
    Battery Quantity / voltage / capacity / model 4 / 24V/280Ah/65 formula
    Radio / Quantity A-220A / 1
    Vehicle intercom / Quantity A-221A / 1
    Mechanical drive centrifugal pumps pump 1
    Pumping capacity 500L/min (engine speed 2000r/min)
    Electric drainage pump water pump 250L/min
    Hand pumps impeller pumps 1
    Pumping capacity 25L/min, (rocking back and forth 100 times / min)

    Type 76 Recovery Vehicle
    Rigid traction performance
    Average speed (earth road) 22.5km / h
    Minimum turning radius 9.4m
    Max.gradeability 30%
    Maximum traction 370km overland trip
    Exports pull rope winch 147kN
    Effective length of rope winch Gang 100m
    Maximum reaction forces stationed in the gills
    Dry land 294kN
    Paddy 245kN
    Lifting performance
    Calibration lifting weight 1t
    Maximum hanging from 4.4m
    Minimum hanging from 1.4m
    Lifting height 5m
    Rotation range 360 ??
    Big boom rated lifting weight 3t

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