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"Xiangyanghong 01" (614I type marine hydrological weather ship)

In March 1965, the State Oceanic Administration proposed to 708 the technical task book for the design of the 614 marine hydrological weather ship. In June, the preliminary design was expanded. On June 28, The design review meeting of the 614I marine hydrological weather ship was held in Beijing. The construction design was completed in December of the same year. In February 1967, one ship was started by Jiangnan Shipyard. On December 14, 1969, the ship Xiangyanghong 01 was shipped to the East China Sea Branch.

It is said that the original "Xiangyanghong 01" is now the No. 40 Haijian No. 4 of the East China Sea Bureau.

"Xiangyanghong 02" and "Xiangyanghong 03" (614II marine hydrographic weather ship)

The Type 614II marine hydrological weather ship system can meet the requirements of 18 knots speed, the main machine is changed from 814I 8350Z to D39 type, corresponding modified line type After the obvious mark is longer than the 614I type. The ship completed the expansion of the preliminary design in the first half of 1966, and began construction design at the Guangzhou Shipyard in the second half of the year, and completed the construction design task in May 1967. Guangzhou Shipyard started construction of 2 ships in 1968. Due to various reasons, it was trialed in mid-1971. It was finally put into trial delivery in May 1972 and delivered to the Nanhai Branch of the State Oceanic Administration. They were named Xiangyanghong 02 and Xiangyanghong 03.

In May 1986, commissioned by the State Oceanic Administration Nanhai Branch, 708 Institute accepted the modification design task of Xiangyanghong 02 marine weather ship, so that The ship can adapt to the work of the MAREX-740 data buoy observation station and become a buoy service ship. It was contracted and modified by Guangzhou Shipyard and completed and delivered in 1988. It is said that the current Nanhai Bureau Haijian No. 73 ship is the original 614II type ship, but it is not known which of the two ships.

"Xiangyanghong 07" and "Xiangyanghong 08" (614III Marine Integrated Survey Ship)

The Type 614III Marine Integrated Survey Ship was revised on the basis of the 614II marine hydrological weather ship. The modified design was made by Room 3 of the 708 Institute, and the construction design was revised in February 1970. At that time, the State Oceanic Administration planned to build two 614II ships at the Jiangnan Shipyard and the Guangzhou Shipyard respectively. After that, it decided to cancel the task of building the 614II at the Jiangnan Shipyard and rebuilt two 614IIIs. When the revised design was completed, the Sixth Aircraft Department decided to transfer the 614III ship to the Wuhu Shipyard. The Wuhu Shipyard began construction in June 1971 and was launched on April 20, 1972. The mooring test was conducted on September 9, 1973. On September 26, 1974, the Shanghai-Qingdao voyage test was finally completed and delivered to the Beihai Branch of the State Oceanic Administration. They were named “Xiangyanghong” 07 and “Xiangyanghong” 08.

The "Xiangyanghong 08" ship had a glorious history. The comprehensive survey and evaluation of China's offshore oceans, which lasted more than 8 years and has a range of more than 2 million nautical miles, used more than 200 vessels of large and small survey vessels. This is the busiest day of the “Xiangyanghong 08” boat participating in the special project. However, after the completion of a large number of field surveys in 2010, due to the lack of new offshore survey specials, the information of the National Ocean Survey Fleet website showed that in the first half of 2013, the “Xiangyanghong 08” ship carried out two voyage missions with a mission volume of only 50 days.

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