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Type 59-1 130mm Howitzer - International Sales

The fame of the 59 series cannon is not limited to the domestic market. After China began its reform and opening up in 1978, the country decided to change from free foreign military aid to paid military trade. The 59-1 type cannon system produced by the 127th factory took the lead in entering the military trade market with its advantages of high quality and low price, and was purchased by foreign troops in large quantities.

In the process of quelling the internal rebels, a certain country in South Asia relied mainly on the long-range power of the 59-1 cannon to block and separate the rebel forces, "simmering them to death" and "trapping them to death", targeting the suicides constructed by the rebels. Airfields were bombarded continuously, forcing them to dare not land. Interestingly, when the rebel artillery fired, the muzzle flares were generally dark red, the smoke was black-cyan with yellow, and the smoke contained a lot of soil and rock. When the government troops fired their cannons, they would produce a fire that resembled lightning, the color of smoke. The concentration is also very uniform.

After the capture of the enemy’s munitions, it was discovered that the two sides’ shelling had such a special situation because the rebels did not have so many artillery shells manufactured by professional arsenals, so they had to produce gunpowder by their own local methods. As a result, many artillery cartridges were added. A lot of impurities.

According to the Russian Independent Military Review magazine, in 1982, when Israel aggressively invaded Lebanon, the Palestine Liberation Organization guerrillas had pushed several M-46 and 59-1 cannons acquired through special channels to the border with Israel. The Galilee Plain was bombarded from a kilometer away. The success of this dangerous infiltration attack depends on the acquisition of target intelligence, but the 59-1’s long-range range and high accuracy are also impractical. This is an indispensable factor, so that the Jews who are good at mastering the "enemy" highly praised the Type 59-1 which made them suffer, and even improved the use of the captured Type 59-1 cannon.

Of course, the 59 series of cannons also encountered some bizarre things when they went abroad. At the end of 1982, a country's army suddenly notified the Chinese that they had fallen off their barrel rifling while using the Type 59-1 cannon, which directly affected operations, and asked for the cause. This matter involves the reputation of China's military products, and the Chinese side attaches great importance to this. The Ministry of Ordnance Industry directly instructs the 127th factory that produces artillery to handle the matter. After a careful review of the product quality, the factory strictly checked and compared the body tube fragments brought back by the inspection team from the site with the various processes of the factory’s manufacturing process, and identified the body tube material, processing technology, machine tool equipment and quality inspection process. Fully up to the standard, there is no problem with the quality of the barrel.

After looking up the historical data of the test and use over the years, the factory found that similar problems occurred when the 152mm howitzer that was delivered many years ago was fired. At that time, it was concluded that the gun oil in the bore was not cleaned cleanly. As a result, the engineer found the barrel that was preserved at that time, and found that the "symptoms" of the rifling falling off were exactly the same as the foreign army said. When a delegation led by a general of the other side came to the factory for verification, the Chinese side took it to the shooting range for shooting verification. During the test, whether the Chinese personnel placed the oil block into the chamber or the other side sent the oil block into the chamber, the rifle fell off after shooting. The phenomenon suddenly appeared, and the opponent could only accept the conclusion of the Chinese side. The problem was the improper operation of the opponent's artillery service.

In 1988, another country proposed to purchase the Type 59 cannon that had been discontinued for many years at the 127th factory, and required to produce 10 first for performance and life testing, and then send it to the range for a half-year live ammunition test and decomposition re-inspection. Big order. As we all know, it is no easy task to restore a stopped production line, and it is extremely unreasonable and demanding to stop and wait for more than half a year to determine whether to resume production and order after only producing 10 artillery.

But out of the consideration of “customer-oriented”, the 127th factory invited the old technicians and technicians who participated in the production back to make suggestions and play the role of collective wisdom. After the production of 10 sample guns, the customer’s temperature was as high as The fifty-sixty-degree desert shooting range conducted 1,000 rounds of projectiles that exceeded the rated life and the dispersion accuracy test. With the presence of the other senior generals, the rounds exploded in the target area. The Chinese artillery won enthusiastic applause and the order contract was successfully implemented.

According to a report by Hong Kong "Military Master", in the early 1990s, China also combined the Type 59-1 130mm cannon with the Type 321 universal self-propelled artillery chassis to develop a 130mm self-propelled cannon. Its structure is similar to the 83 The 152mm self-propelled howitzer is the same, except that it is replaced with a 130mm gun. The turret is a fully enclosed welded structure, which can rotate 360 ??degrees, carries 38 rounds of ammunition in the car, and has a 12.7 mm machine gun. The gun has the same firepower as the 59-1 towed cannon and uses the same ammunition, with the purpose of further expanding the international market.

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