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Type 081 (Vortex-class) base-level medium-sized minesweeper

The first ship Zhangjiagang was launched at Shanghai Qiuxin Shipyard in 2006 and entered service on March 5, 2007. The ship has a full load displacement of 996 tons and is equipped with a 76F double-tube 37 mm anti-aircraft gun. The operating deck of this type of ship is equipped with steel cables and acoustic minesweepers for mooring minesweepers, and is equipped with a deck crane, which is mainly responsible for offshore minesweeping tasks. Compared with the first batch, the newly swept bow shape of the second batch of the Vortex class has been changed, with a rounded rather than pointed prow and a pronounced flare in the forward hull - enhanced sea-keeping features which have become common on the more recent Chinese ship designs. The bow gun is replaced with a H/PJ-14 30mm single-tube remote-controlled automatic naval gun, which increases the displacement at full load to 1,200 tons. Often referred to as Type 081A, it has the advantages of high integration of information, superior technical performance, and streamlined crewing.

The first batch of Type 081 minesweeper Zhangjiagang was launched at Shanghai Qiuxin Shipyard in 2006 and entered service on March 5, 2007. The "Zhangjiagang Ship" is the first of a new class minesweeper. It was independently designed and developed by China and has good equipment performance. After entering service, it mainly performs offshore minesweeping and offshore defense tasks.

On the morning of 05 March 2007, the East China Sea Fleet held a grand naming ceremony for the "Zhangjiagang Ship" of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy at a military port. Municipal Party Committee Secretary Huang Qin, Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Wang Xiang, Municipal Party Committee Member and Minister of the Municipal Peoples Armed Forces Department Mao Yonglin were invited to attend the naming ceremony.

When Huang Qin and his entourage arrived in the East China Sea Fleet, they were warmly received by leaders such as Major General Du Xiping, the deputy commander of the Fleet, and Li Juncai, the former deputy commander of the East China Sea Fleet. Huang Qin introduced the economic and social development of our city to the fleet leaders. He said that in recent years, "Zhangjiagang has been advancing with the times and advancing the spirit of Zhangjiagang, overcoming difficulties, pioneering and enterprising, and sustained, rapid and healthy economic and social development. It has taken the lead in becoming one of the first counties (cities) in Jiangsu Province that meets the standard for a comprehensive well-off society, and has become the nation. The only county (city) awarded as a national civilized city. Huang Qin said that at the same time of economic and social development, our city also attaches great importance to the work of party management, armed forces and dual support. "Good situation.

"The East China Sea Fleet is a civilized, benevolent, and mighty teacher with a glorious history and fine tradition. It has made important contributions to the development of the Yangtze River, the development of cities along the Yangtze River, and the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. The new minesweeper under the East China Sea Fleet is officially named after the "Zhangjiagang Ship". This is the glory and pride of the people of Zhangjiagang, and it is also an encouragement and spur to us".

Huang Qin firmly believes that the "Zhangjiagang Ship" will "surely become a solid platform for enhancing the friendship between the two sides, an advanced model for both military and local support and joint construction, and a resounding brand that travels through the borders of the motherland".

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the naming and flag award ceremony began. The heroic fleet officers and soldiers wearing military uniforms and caps, majestic and majestic, lined up in a neat etiquette queue, welcoming the solemn moment of naming and awarding the flag. The colorful flags fluttered on the dock, the singing was loud, and the "Zhangjiagang Ship" was dressed in festive costumes. The "Zhangjiagang Ship" Naming Flag-giving Ceremony" banner hung above the red carpet and gorgeous flowers decorating the venue with extra joy. The main leaders of the East China Sea Fleet of the Navy and representatives of local units and all officers and soldiers of the "Zhangjiagang Ship" participated in the naming and flag-giving ceremony of the "Zhangjiagang Ship".

Major General Du Xiping, deputy commander of the East China Sea Fleet, respectively awarded the captain and instructor of the "Zhangjiagang Ship" a military flag and a naming certificate. Colonel Gu Zhengquan, political commissar of the first detachment of the hunting and frigate, announced that Huang Qin was awarded the honorary political commissar of the "Zhangjiagang Ship" and Wang Xiang was awarded the honorary captain of the "Zhangjiagang Ship", and issued a certificate. The military and local parties exchanged souvenirs. After the ceremony, Huang Qin and his entourage also boarded the ship to inspect, listened to the captain's multimedia presentation report, and visited the ship.

The Type 081A is the latest minesweeper independently developed and designed by China. It has the advantages of advanced design concept, high degree of information integration, superior technical performance, low cost, simple operation and maintenance, and streamlined crewing. The ship is mainly responsible for patrolling police, protecting fisheries and escorting, carrying out mission tasks such as clearing mine barriers and opening up sea passages is another important force in optimizing the equipment structure and enhancing the anti-mine combat capability.

Through independent innovation, a certain minesweeper brigade of the new type 081 minesweeper equipped in 2008 has successively achieved the first actual sweep of a certain type of mine, the first explosion of several different fuze mines, the first remote control of actual mines, and the first real-time monitoring of mines. They also rely on the information platform to innovate independently and use modern information technology to improve the mine fuze to make the training effect more intuitive. Through the analysis of the detection data, the success rate of mine clearance has been greatly improved, marking a new level of our military's maritime mine clearance capabilities. During the training, they also focused on research, explored and formed a series of effective methods for clearing intelligent mines, and conducted rigorous comparison tests on ship task organization and mine clearing routes, and accumulated a large amount of first-hand data for future maritime operations.

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