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Type 055 Guided Missile Cruiser

Type 055 is China's newest generation of guided-missile destroyers, or more properly, guided missile cruiser. The 180-meter-long, 20-meter-wide destroyer will be equipped with 112 vertical launch missile cells capable of launching a combination of surface-to-air missiles, anti-ship cruise missiles, land-attack cruise missiles and anti-submarine missiles. It has a displacement greater than 13,000 tons and can fire various kinds of missiles, including China's long-range land-attack cruise missile. Its firepower is thought to be twice that of the Type 052D, the largest and most powerful surface combatant commissioned in the PLA Navy.

While the Type 055 is classifed as a destroyer, outside China it would be considered a cruiser as its large size and heavy displacement are comparable to that of the United States' Ticonderoga class cruiser. Li Jie, a senior researcher for the PLA Navy, said the vessel displaces about 13,000 tons. The latest version of the United States' Arleigh Burke class, the largest family of destroyers in the world, has a full displacement of 9,800 tons. South Korea's Sejong the Great class displaces 11,000 tons while Japan's Atago class displaces 10,000 tons.

China's new Type 055 guided missile cruiser/ destroyer entered the water at Shanghai's Jiangnan Shipyard during a launching ceremony on the morning of June 28, 2017. Type 055 is the most advanced surface combatant ship ever built at home. China's increasingly powerful navy launched its most advanced domestically produced destroyer taking a giant stride in building complex naval platforms indigenously at a time of rising competition with other naval powers such as the United States, Japan and Europe.

The Chinese Navy Type 055 large-scale missile destroyer has an overall length of 182.6 meters, a breadth of 20.9 meters, 7.2 meters draft, full load displacement of 13,200 tons. Armament includes 112 units of universal vertical launch system, H/PJ-38 single tube 130 mm naval gun, 1130 short-range defense artillery systems, two triple anti-submarine torpedo launchers,Red Flag 10 short-range air defense missile system, and four 726-4 multi-purpose jamming missile launching system. Electronics include a dual-band phased array radar, integrated mast and integrated radio frequency system. Other features include dual independent helicopter hangars, ship hull sonar system, and a main passive towed sonar system.

The 055 "Aegis" ship is equipped with the latest Chinse phased array radar system. The dual-band radar (DBR) design is used. The whole ship is equipped with eight active phased array antennas: four S-band phased array antennas. In the wide-area long-range air-to-air detection and identification, 4 X-band active phased array antenna are used for short-range air to sea recognition detection, weapon fire control guidance. The all-important phased array radars have been upgraded to include both X-band and S-band arrays and thus may be on par with America's top air-defense ships. The radars deliver the ship's core competence. Like the Aegis-equipped destroyers that formed the model for its predecessors, Type 055's main mission is still certain to be fleet air defense, including for Beijing's carrier battle groups. The Type 055 guided missile destroyer's other missions would likely include missile defense and anti-satellite operations.

This new ship relies on a dual-band radar system similar in concept to the one that is currently equipping the USS Gerald R. Ford. Two sets of active phased array radars, one being the larger S-band arrays on the vessel's super structure and the other being the smaller set of X-band arrays in the ship's enclosed sensor mast, equip the ship. The S-Band system is used for long range search and track, while the much more sensitive X-band system is used for tracking smaller, stealthier and high-speed objects with greater fidelity at lesser ranges. There are cross-over in capabilities between the two sensor arrays, which also adds to redundancy. No other ship in China's inventory possesses such a high-end radar system.

In March 2016 Chinese media reported that the 175-meter-long vessel would be outfitted with four new types of missiles, including medium-range air defense and antisubmarine missiles, as well as long-range air defense missiles and supersonic long-range anti-ship missiles. The Type 055 destroyers would also brandish long-range land attack cruise missiles and a sea-based missile interceptor. It would have ninety-six vertical launching systems, meaning the ship would not only be able to carry more weapons, but also larger missiles.

The 12,800 ton Type 055 destroyer is equipped with new type of air defense, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare weapon. It is packed with 128 vertical launch cells available. The ship is likely to be primarily armed with a sea-going version of the HQ-9 long-range surface-to-air missile, as well as the HQ-16 medium-range SAM, and possibly quad-packed DK-10As. The DK-10A is based on the PL-12 air-to-air missile, and would act as an intermediate-range air defense missile roughly similar to the U.S. Navy's RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile.

The Type 055 in the power system will use the latest domestic-made gas turbine, pushing forward the way towrds all-electric propulsion. In the future, the naval weaponry system will be constantly updated and the number will increase constantly. Only with powerful naval power systems can the Navy's future operational requirements be met. Such as the new concept of laser weapons, guns and other weapons in a short period of time need huge energy, which requires the intelligent allocation of the entire ship through the computer power, through the all-electric approach to achieve this change is a revolutionary Chinese Navy improvement.

China's Type 055 destroyer is very roughly analogous to something between the U.S Ticonderoga class cruiser and the Zumwalt class destroyer. It has similar capabilities and size to the Ticonderoga class, but it also packs new technologies that will impact the future of Chinese surface combatant design like the Zumwalt class does. The ship's stealthy exterior and its enclosed sensor mast are situated in between the latest Arleigh Burke class destroyers and the Zumwalt class.

Type 55 destroyers use a common vertical launch system that can launch anti-aircraft, anti-submarine, anti-ship missiles, and can also launch land attack cruise missiles. The number of vertical launch units of the 055 may be between the 122 units of the U.S. Ticonderoga cruiser and the 96 units of the "Arleigh Burke" class III, or may slightly exceed the Ticonderoga level of 122 units. A substantial increase in payload will give the Type 055 powerful anti-ship, air defense, anti-missile and anti-submarine combat capability. In contrast, the design of the DDG-1000 in the United States is biased towards land attack capability with obvious weaknesses in air defense. The combat capability of the air defense at sea is weaker than that of Type 055 and the overall combat capability is different. The tonnage of the Arleigh Burke III destroyer is less than that of the Type 055.

The emergence of the 055 missile destroyer is a historic turning point for the Chinese navy moving far into the sea. According to the "White Paper on Military Strategy," the strategic positioning of the Chinese navy is the two main lines of coastal defense and distant guard. The mission of far-sea guarding includes not only the protection of the shipping of the Gulf of Aden, but also the protection and control of China's overseas investment, overseas Chinese and important strategic interests.

Chinse military experts told reporters that the modern maritime anti-ship operations require more and more various anti-ship missiles of high mobility and rapidity, requiring the ship's air defense system to operate in a relatively short period of time. Surface ships are now vulnerable to multiple attacks on successive attacks. The anti-aircraft capability of surface ships has not only been solved by a good radar or a good anti-aircraft missile, but the tactical functions of modern warships depend on a large amount of electronic technology and weapons systems onboard ships.

Now that the PLA Navy will soon have its own 055 destroyer, its comprehensive combat capability will surely be greatly enhanced. Not only will the Navy's traditional anti-ship defense capabilities, anti-aircraft capabilities and anti-submarine capabilities be strengthened, but also its capability of attacking the mainland and the anti-missile capability. This is the succession and development of the existing "China Aegis" ship, which fully shows that Chinse large destroyer have gradually matured. The Type 055 destroyers will become the world's most powerful destroyers, the first Chinese Navy surface warship to displace more than 10,000 tons.

The Type 055 destroyer combat mission, compared with the previous Chinese naval destroyers which operated within the island chain or peformed limited break throughs of the island chain to perform combat tasks, should be located in the second island chain. Far at sea and even global strategic services, it can to defend the interests of Chinse waters and combat hostile sea, air and land-based weapons. At the same time, it is also the main surfrace warship that complements the aircraft carrier combat group, and shoulders very important tasks.

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