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Jiangkai II Type 054A Frigate - Design

The full load displacement is increased by some 054, reaching about 4,200 tons. In terms of hull modification, the side angle line of 054 starts from the bow to the stern, so it is adducted from the bow and upper structure to the upper part of the helicopter deck, and the first four 054A angle lines are raised. Therefore, the entire ship's side is floating from the bow to the stern until the bridge part begins to contract inward, which may partially increase the radar cross-sectional area and increase the upper weight, but also increase the available for the bow and the stern. The deck area (so its maximum side width is slightly increased), especially the helicopter deck area is thus widened, which is advantageous for helicopter take-off and landing. Starting from the fifth 054A Yuncheng (571), the bow stop of the ship was changed to the fold line inward, which seems to reduce the radar cross-sectional area and enhance the airworthiness, but the overall fold line position is still the same as the first four 054A.

The launch of the air defense missile system replaced the Haihongqi-7 used in the original 054. In order to accommodate the installation of the vertical transmitter, the 054A cancels a raised platform in front of the original 054 (ie, the location where the HHQ-7 transmitter is installed) to expand the deck area of the B-gun. The 054A's vertical launch system changed the previous "rotary" and " cold launch " characteristics of the Russian system , and used the "one tube per shot" grid design and " thermal launch ", and each vertical launch. The design of the system module eight tubes (2X4) is also the same as the US main vertical launch system such as the MK-41 vertical launch system and the French Silva.

The vertical direction of each vertical transmission system unit is 4 (long) and the short side (2 tubes) is horizontal, and the vertical transmission system is configured as 4 tubes in the longitudinal direction and 8 tubes in the horizontal direction. The Red Flag-16 air defense missile has a strong multi-target attack capability. A firepower launch unit can track 8 targets at the same time and attack 4 of them. And it can attack a wide variety of targets, from high-altitude aircraft to low-altitude cruise missiles, and even the aircraft's precision-guided weapons, the Red Flag-16 air defense missiles can effectively fight. To a large extent, the Red Flag-16 air defense missile is also able to counter the " wild mole warplane " air defense suppression attack launched by enemy air power.

The medium-calibre guns replace the original old double-mounted 57mm guns. As early as 1994, it decided to introduce the AK-176M and the RFCS LASKA fire control system technology from Russia (at the same time, purchase a small number of original AK-176M ships). Cannon, used for the reloading of some small-sized ships in China, such as the "Red Arrow" class speedboat, the fifth ship); in 2003, the Zhengzhou Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Zhengzhou 713 Institute) completed the localization operation and became China. The Navy's new generation of medium-calibre guns.

A Chinese-made mounted 3D air-to-air search radar was installed at the top to replace the 360-type radar installed in this position. China named this localized version as Sea Eagle S/C (Sea Eagle S/ C) Radar. Roof radar has been used in many other new generation Chinese ships such as 052B, 051C, modern-class guided missile destroyers, etc. It is called the quasi-standard air search radar of China's new generation fleet. Compared with the original Russian top plate, the Seahawk S/C seems to use improved antenna technology, the appearance is relatively simple, omitting a small strip antenna at the top of the original top plate, the mechanical structure of the antenna has also changed. The 054A's bridge is equipped with a Chinese-made Russian MINERAL-ME fire control radar system, which replaces the 344 fire control radar used in the original 054. It can provide target calibration and midway data update for the Eagle-83 anti-ship missile on board.

Search tracking radar, platform device in front of the main mast, a LR-66 gun fire control radar for guiding 76mm guns, and a GDG-775 photoelectric fire controller on the deck below the LR-66, integrated with an infrared A thermal imager, a CCD camera and a laser range finder can also be used to guide and control 76mm guns. A satellite communications antenna from the SNIT 240 was installed above the helicopter library to replace the two tactical satellite communications antennas of the 054. For sonar , the 054A has the same configuration as the 054. The ship's head is equipped with a 307-type active/passive sonar system (located in the ball-shaped shroud of the bow), and a 206-type towed array sonar is also installed at the stern. There are 064 type communication sonar and 723 type ship sonar environmental monitoring equipment.

Replacing the original 054 PJ-13 (AK-630) 30mm rapid-fire gun, two 730 models were installed on both sides of the stack. The 054A's electronic warfare system is roughly the same as the 054, but the two jammer launchers are changed to the 726-4A configuration, each with 24 launch tubes (divided into four layers, one layer larger than the original 726-4). In mid-May 2012, Japan announced a surveillance photo of the 054A frigate Zhoushan (529) operating an unmanned helicopter, speculating that it might be Schiebel's Cocopter S-100 unmanned helicopter. It is reported that China purchased 18 Comcopter S-100s from Sebel in 2010.

A photo of the frigate showed a suspected new door at the stern of the ship. Some analysts believe that this is likely to be an attempt to improve the 054A frigate. The addition of hatches at the stern is often for the convenience of placing towed sonar equipment, intended to enhance anti-submarine capabilities. In addition, the new 054A frigate is also equipped with the latest type 1130 near-anti-aircraft. The original anti-weapon of this type of ship is H/PJ-12 7-tube 30mm gun (commonly known as 730), and it is replaced with a new anti-gun. The firepower and combat performance will be further improved.

The current 054A frigate has several disadvantages / deficiencies. First, the tonnage is small. The full-load displacement of the 054A frigate is only more than 4,000 tons. Although the international frigates are not as good as the 054A frigate in terms of combat capability, their displacement is above 5,000 tons. At present, the frigate has a clear trend of large-scale development -The "Seven Provinces" class frigate of the Netherlands has a displacement of over 6,000 tons, and the "Hunter" frigate of Australia will have a displacement of nearly 9,000 tons. In the future, the tonnage of the 054B frigate should be increased to at least 5,000 tons to meet the upgrade demand. What kind of upgrading needs are met? Apart from that, at least the aviation deck needs to be lengthened to expand the hangar area. At this stage, the 054A hangar is enough to hold the -20H, and the deck area can also safely take off and land -20H. However, if the -20H is to be taken off and landed under severe sea conditions, the -20H will be more convenient and comprehensive for maintenance. Then expanding decks and hangars is a must.

Second, the power system cannot meet the demand. The 054A uses diesel-wood diesel power and is equipped with 4 high-speed diesel engines, which have problems of low efficiency and insufficient power. It is estimated that the maximum speed of the 054A is only 27 knots. Generally speaking, the maximum speed of a warship should be 30 knots. The power system currently used by the 054A is not very suitable for anti-submarine operations. The 054B will definitely upgrade this power system in the future. 054B is likely to be changed to full electric propulsion. Due to the good speed regulation characteristics of the electric propulsion system, the traditional reduction gear box is eliminated, the rigid connection of the shaft system is avoided, and the self-noise is greatly reduced. Therefore, the ship will conduct anti-submarine operations in the aircraft carrier formation. Play an important role.

Third, a lot of equipment on the 054A ship is in urgent need of upgrading. Many designs and equipment of the 054A were very advanced at the time. But now, many of them are relatively backward, which obviously affects the upgrade and improvement of the 054A. For example, the four AJK-16 radars equipped with the 054A have limited radiation radar capabilities, making the 054A not capable of using the latest Haihongqi-16, which obviously affects the improvement of its air defense combat capabilities. In the future, 054B will upgrade the 054A's marine electrical equipment and systems to enhance its battlefield perception and control capabilities and compatibility with new weapons. The air defense missile uses a 32-unit Red Flag-16B with a vertical range of more than 70 kilometers. It may use a newer model in the future.

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