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Type 05 Light Amphibious Tank
Type ZTD 05 Light Amphibious Tank

The ZTD-05 weighs an estimated 26 tons and can reportedly travel 40 kph, carries a version of the 105-mm low-recoil gun that arms the ZTZ-63A, and also uses the Bastion antitank missile. The ZTD 05 has a crew of three.

The ZTD-05 has a retractable spurnwater in front of the body, which can offset the resistance of water and accelerate the movement in water.

VN-16 amphibious armored assault vehicle

VN-16 is designed for mechanized forces and the Marine Corps developed landing combat equipment, very suitable for amphibious beach, open up positions and other attacks and a solid position, anti-landing and other defensive tasks. The vehicle is equipped with a 105 mm cannon, which can hit the enemy within 2000 meters within the armored vehicles, fortifications and personnel and other goals. Equipped with a commander-style fire control system, in the ups and downs on the surface of the movement of the target to implement a precise blow. VN-16 beyond the traditional amphibious combat vehicle water speed and wind and wind resistance limit, with world-class rapid maneuver capability.

VN-16 amphibious armored assault vehicle

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