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Type 03P Amphibious Tank

The Type 03 amphibious reconnaissance vehicle is replacing the Type 62 light tank and the Type 63 amphibious tank in PLA service. The Type 03P is the latest development of the Type 63 amphibious tank that was the mainstay of the PLAN Marine Corps for many years. The three-man steel turret is armed with a 105mm low-recoil gun, a co-axial Type 80 7.62mm machine gun, a QJZ89 12.7mm anti-aircraft gun mounted on the commander’s cupola.

The Type 03P-based amphibious tank is the latest launch of a new amphibious tanks with firepower, some protective ability and good land, water maneuverability. It can be equipped with the Marines in amphibious mechanized and mainly used in maritime landing and anti-landing operations, but also for inland rivers, lakes, water network paddy geographical. The Type 03P-based amphibious tank has high mobility combat capability, by rail, road, ship and other transport carriage. Land maximum speed of not less than 55 km / h, maximum travel more than 400 kilometers. Maximum climb 36. Longitudinal, 30. Roll slope can be over 2.9 meters of trenches, over 0.8 m vertical wall. Water maximum speed exceeding 14 km / h and a maximum range of not less than 90 kilometers to sea conditions in four normal navigation.

The Type 03P-based amphibious tank is equipped with 105 mm tank gun low recoil, the use of full-bore chrome barrel, rifled gun barrel type. NATO countries can be fired tank shells standard 105 mm can also be launched domestically 105 mm tank shells. Equipped with armor-piercing warhead blast bombs and anti-personnel bombs kinds of ammunition base 38 hair. In 2 ooo meters distance can be 460 to 500 mm thickness breakdown of homogeneous steel armor, can destroy enemy main battle tanks and a ~ 1.5 m thick reinforced concrete fortifications, can effectively suppress, destroy 4 ooo meters exposure and coastal defense remained hidden enemy firing points and effectives. New spot type fire control system of the vehicle with static on the dynamic shooting and night precision shooting skills. 03P-based amphibious tank full in the domestic first AC electric gun control system, and the traditional hydraulic gun control system, compared with stable high precision, good reliability, small size, light weight advantages.

The Type 03P-based amphibious tank turret front armor at 1000 meters distance can prevent 25 mm armor-piercing. Front armor at lOO meters distance can prevent 12.7 mm armor-piercing. Rear and side armor at lOO meters distance can prevent 7.62 mm armor piercing. Top 7.62 armor can prevent ordinary bombs. The vehicle has a comprehensive anti-corrosion ability, using a projectile smoke devices, noise insulation devices, anti near infrared camouflage paint and other comprehensive protective measures.

With day and night with a car length mirrors shimmer, shimmer integrated gunner sight, driver night vision, 03P-based amphibious tanks with day and night maneuvers and combat capabilities. Maritime observation devices with operator assistance, the driver can effectively expand offshore driving vision, reducing the corner.

The Type 03P-based amphibious tank has a combat weight of 22 tons. Crew of 4 people. Vehicle length 9.2 m, Width 3.3 m. Vehicle height 3.15 meters, vehicle height 0.4 meters from the ground. All-welded body armor, which can effectively protect the safety of the crew and equipment. Vehicle front to back into the cockpit, fighting compartment and engine compartment of three parts. Cockpit fitted with driver's seat, driver's instrumentation and various controls. Fighting compartment fitted with turrets, guns, fire control systems, communications equipment, vehicle length, gunner and two gunners completed in this battlefield observation, battle, correspondence and other tasks. Engine compartment is fitted with power, drive and other devices.

Installation of advanced dual-power engine, quickly completed the amphibious power conversion. Mainly by the main drive clutch, transmission, transfer case, steering and other components. Respectively, to achieve power can drive on land and water transmission. Land has five forward gears and one reverse gear and neutral, water has forward gears, reverse and neutral. Water jet propulsion unit adopts new axial propeller. Makes the tank has a powerful thrust and good dynamic tail dip. Water use of new electro-hydraulic steering control type water rudder steering, electronically controlled via the steering wheel hydraulic control, the vehicle can be easily turned on the water and inverted flight, with the water turning radius. Easy operation, flexible features.

Suspension device for high-strength torsion bar suspension, six on each side by a high-strength hollow hanging rubber road wheels, track, driving wheel, idler wheels, track adjuster, balance elbow, torque shaft, buffers and limiters and other components. 12.7 mm as a secondary weapon and a vehicle-mounted machine gun 7.62 mm parallel machine gun. As the vehicle interior space is large, and has a high reserve buoyancy, so do not do major changes to the chassis can be converted into a case of supply amphibious armored vehicles, amphibious armored rescue vehicles, amphibious armored command vehicle, amphibious armored ambulance cars and other vehicles.

03P-based amphibious tank as China's newly developed amphibious assault tanks. Amphibious tanks in the inheritance of mature technology, be innovative, be developed. Such as all-electric gun control system, new electro-hydraulic controlled rudder steering device above water technology at home and abroad are first used in amphibious tanks, amphibious tanks so that the 03P-type amphibious tanks in the ranks of the world to maintain a more advanced performance. With the car to the international market, will also shine in foreign markets.

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