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PLZ-45 Self-Propelled Artillery - Associated Vehicles

The PLZ-45 self-propelled gun as the core system, including all support vehicles, are sold as sets, even a battalion. The system covers workers at camp for two command vehicles, vehicle battery calibration of radar, weather radar, and ammunition support vehicles, comprising a complete artillery system. To enhance the operational efficiency of PLZ-45, Norinco has a full range of planning and design of systems for the buyers choose artillery battalion and its equipment including :

  • PLZ45 self-propelled artillery vehicle three companies, each 6, total 18.
  • ZCY45 battalion command post / fire command vehicle, 1.
  • ZCL45 even command post vehicle three companies, each one, count three.
  • GCL45 forward observation / search vehicle three companies, each 3. Meter 9.
  • W653A engineering rescue vehicles 2.
  • 702-D radar vehicle a meteorological measurements.
  • 704-1 positioning radar vehicle a trajectory.
  • PCZ45 ammunition supply vehicle three companies, each 6, total 18.
  • CXJ45-1 mechanical maintenance vehicle l vehicle: containing maintenance tools and equipment. Accompanied by a small boom.
  • CXJ45-2 mechanical maintenance vehicle 1: containing a full set of maintenance tools and welding equipment.
  • CXD45 mechanical and electrical maintenance vehicle 1: Responsible stream repair, maintenance, testing camps all kinds of electronic devices.
  • CXB45 spares vehicle 1: Responsible for carrying related backup parts.

  • ZCY-45 battalion command post / fire control car, based on Type 85 (WZ-751 armored ambulance) tracked armored command vehicle chassis, equipped with fire control and coordination system, as high firing parameters and assist in the management of the artillery fire command center; necessary ZCY-45 may also be beyond even the command post, under the direct command of the gun battle. ZCY-45 computer can store 120 groups target data, 10 sets of calibration data, 5 groups Security control area censored data, two groups and two groups atmospheric data Barriers shooting landscapes, in the stationary state response time of just 20 seconds, artillery help command the maximum amount of four connected, artillery firing parameters for the calculation of the maximum amount of four connected, artillery firing parameters for the calculation of the maximum amount of eight guns, calculation accuracy is l mil pitch degrees azimuth of 0.5 mils, continuous operation can be up to 8 hours. ZCY-45 biggest role is to analyze the target location with artillery, artillery allocated to the most appropriate, make camp fire performance for maximum play. 12.7 mm anti-aircraft weapon of self-defense machine gun one.
  • ZCL-45 command post vehicles with the command post vehicles equipped with the same basic models in ZCY-45, its target instruction obtained after firing parameters calculated and communicated to all artillery, firing shorten reaction time, so that the gun has a similar hit and run fighting ability to quickly capture the goals and enhance their viability. GCL-45 forward observer / Search Car uses the YW-534/WZ-75l vehicle chassis, equipped with CCD sensor unit axis integration, including full field optical sights (the maximum distance of 8 km depending on reconnaissance, identifying target distance 4 km ), laser rangefinder (effective distance of 10 kilometers, error 5 meters) and the thermal imager (depending on the maximum detection distance of 5 km, identify target distance 2.5 km), and GPS positioning receiver; its calibration target coordinate data can be data link transmission to ZCY-45 or ZCL-45 for final use. It carries one 12.7 mm anti-aircraft weapon of self-defense machine gun.
  • W-653A] rescue vehicles is based on the Type 84 armored recovery vehicle modifications, following the main tank Type 59 chassis, equipped with 20 tons rotating boom, winch and blade plate for construction, towing a vehicle malfunction, hanging repair turrets, engine and remove roadblocks.
  • 702-D meteorological measurements radar vehicle has a tracking radar determination of atmospheric information, enter ZCY-45 with ZCL-45 ballistic correction parameters, starting shelling increased accuracy; principal means of carrying radio equipment to track altitude balloons, gets 25 km less altitude airspace wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity, or by trace metal instrument measured wind speed and direction, which is a passive instrument of the enemy less likely to find. 702-D radar effective distance of 200 km (passive instrument of 50 km), the pitch angle of a 3 degrees -90 degrees, radio frequency 1780 8MHz, power 0.4 watts. 2 Compartment system-wide by 2 wheel vehicle equipped with the operator 4, the actual measured waiting jobs (including the release of balloons) can be prepared in 20 minutes or withdraw it, the vehicle carrying 10 balloons, 10 radio Inflatable instruments and five hydrogen cylinder, continuous operation time up to 8 hours.
  • 704-1 positioning radar vehicle carries a ballistic locating radar vehicle for highly automated artillery detection equipment, systems, including control centers, radars and generators three parts, divided by a two wheel vehicle is equipped with, the operator 4 people, by detecting enemy ballistic calibration Army artillery or rocket positions location or have side fired shells placement ,704-1 82 mm mortars calibration distance of 12 km, 122 mm howitzer is 16 km, 155 mm howitzer is 20 km, circular error probability at 10 km range within 10 meters, 10 kilometers distance above 0.35%, very accurate, can simultaneously detect and calibration calculations eight goals, storage memory 300 coordinates. Weight of 1.8 tons locating radar antenna horizontal rotation up to 110 degree coverage, electronic scanning of 45 degrees, the pitching rotation covers a 5 degrees-12 degrees, the electronic scanning of 6 degrees, the reaction time is only about 8 seconds. ECCM system also has excellent anti-electronic jamming capabilities. Provide positioning radar power diesel generator unit weight of 1.1 tons, can produce 15 kilowatts electricity, and 220 volts (10 kilowatts) and 380 volts (5 kilowatts) two kinds of three-phase current output, radar vehicle operation by four hydraulic jacks solid body, the signal wire connected to the control center, fully automatic operation, laying and dismantling time is 10 minutes and 5 minutes.
  • PCZ-45 ammunition supply vehicle uses the PLZ-45 chassis, increased fighting compartment cancel turret made the whole weight 33 tons, crew of four people, the vehicle can carry 90 155 mm artillery shells (cluster bombs by the nine boxes stacked components , each with a storage tank shells 10 shells), and projectile fuze drug folder (stored at the rear of the fighting compartment on both sides), but also fighting to rear right rear way, the use of rail transport within the ammunition directly into PLZ45, rate of 8 per minute, with a mechanical grab ammunition machine, PCZ-45 just one member for the ammunition to send bombs to manipulate all procedures, including taking bombs, put rail transport and rail transport operations, its location and the control panel fighting compartment is located on the right, grab ammunition machine when not in use is erected on the left side of the fighting compartment, consistent with human - machine engineering principles; operating noise in the cabin when the value is less than 110 dB, a state of war and state transitions can march in a minute and a half Bell completed within the internal ammunition bay and a perfect ventilation air conditioning systems, temperature measuring device and explosion suppression systems. PCZ-45 in front of the vehicle there are a 360-degree rotating boom, minimum weight 600 kg, to facilitate cluster bombs box hanging from the roof hatch into the cabin storage, hanging out of the box can be repeated filling blank ammunition used, because PLZ- 45 loading only 30 rounds of ammunition, with PCZ-45 significantly improved after the shortcoming of ammunition.

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