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Type 03 ZLC-2000 (ZBD-03) Airborne Combat Vehicle

Key Features ZLC-2000
Chinese name ZBD-03 Airborne Fighting Vehicle
Foreign name ZBD-03 airborne armored infantry fighting vehicle (IFV)
Development time 1997~2003
Service time 2005
Setting time2005
Country China
type Light amphibious crawler infantry fighting vehicle
Full weight 8 tons;
Capacity 3-5 people;
Vehicle length about 5.3m
Vehicle width about 2.6m
Roof height about 2.2m (1.sin)
Unit power about 39 horsepower/ton
Unit pressure about 50 kPa
Maximum road speed >70km/h
Maximum speed on water up to 6 km/h;
Cruising range 600 kilometers;
Armor Aluminum armor with steel armor
  • 25/30 mm automatic cannon;
  • 7.62/5.6 mm coaxial machine gun;
  • LAW «HJ-73C» 3 missiles with ammunition.
  • Variants On the basis of ZLC-2000 are derived:
  • Command post vehicle. Increased the landing bay to accommodate staffs and accessories;
  • Self-propelled anti-tank complex. The main armament - LAW «HJ-8".
  • Recently, a modification was seen of the ZLC-2000 with a 100-150 mm cannon. Precise data on this modification is not. Rather, China has created this modification on the example of Russia, which has created on the basis of BMD-3 - Octopus-SD (anti-self-propelled vehicle with a 125mm gun).

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