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Shandong Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd.

Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd is a major passenger-liner transportation enterprise in Bohai Bay, Northeastern China. It deals mainly with passenger transportation on the Yantai-Dalian and Penglai-Dalian sea routes where the company already operates several, large passenger liners.

Transportation on the Bohai Bay is of great significance, for it is an ocean hub connecting China’s north, east, south and northeast. It plays an important role in the economic development of the surrounding areas. Yantai is a major port city, situated in Bohai Bay on the Shandong Peninsula, on the coast, opposite Inchon in South Korea- a days ferry journey away. Not as well known as Qingdao, Yantai nonetheless is an attractive city with decent all-round climate suitable for agriculture - including an extensive wine industry, one of China's best known brands (Changyu) is from Yantai. With a population of just 1.5 million, the city also enjoys a fair amount of domestic tourism - in some respects it is a fairly typical seaside resort.

There are three large water transportation companies in Yantai – Yantai Passenger Transport Company, Shandong Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd. and Yantai Salvage Bureau Passenger Transport Station. These three companies offer ships from Yantai to Dalian, Tianjin, Penglai and Weihai. Located at the north side of Shandon Peninsula, and looking over Bohai to Liaodong Peninsula, Yantai Port is the major pivot port of the national water transportation and major coastal port opening to the outside world. It is also an important joint of the national South-North Channel (from Tongjiang to Sanya) and takes a crucial position at the integrated transport network of the whole country. Yantai Port is composed of Zhifu bay port area, Xigang area (Bajiao area), Penglai port area, and Longkou port area.

The major business of Penglai Port is passenger and bulk and general cargoes transportation. For passenger transportation, there were three ships, “Xinglu”, “Dahua”, and “Yinghua” of Shandong Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd, sailing between Penglai and Dalian. The major bulk and general cargoes of Penglai Port is coal, log and cement. Now the loading and discharging business with special characteristics has been established in the coal and log transportation.

China sea maritime is divided into coastal shipping and inland waterway transport. Overseas tourists in China travel generally take a luxury cruise on the water. For navigation in coastal and river passenger ships range in size of equipment varies greatly. Large passenger cabin is generally divided into five classes: first class (soft sleeper 1-2), second class (soft sleeper 2-4), third class (4-8), the steerage (hard sleeper, 8-24), 5th class (hard sleeper), sanxi (including seating). Luxury ship has a stateroom (including soft sleeper bedroom, lounge, bathroom.

Bangchuidao and "Sea Island" are sister ships built in the Netherlands designed and built specifically for meteorological characteristics of Bohai Bay in China. With a gross registered tonnage of more than 15,000 tons, these large luxury ro-ro passenger ship are 134.8 meters long with a beam of 23.4 meters. Within the central air conditioning, anti-sway system for its unique smooth sailing enhancing safe navigation of ships, with the highest wind resistance level in Bohai Bay area ro-ro passenger ships. They have 1680 seats and 215 parking spaces.

"Huludao" and "PuTuo Island" are sister ships - large luxury ro-ro passenger ships which began operation in 2005. With a gross registered tonnage of more than 16,000 tons, these ships are 137.3 meters long, with a beam of 23.4 meters. Equipped with central air conditioning and equipped with international advanced helicopter landing platform, there are 1428 passenger spaces and 220 parking spaces.

To respond to the financial crisis, the State adopted a series of effective measures to stimulate domestic demand, which is also new for ro-ro passenger industry opportunities. We would like to seize the opportunity to overcome difficulties up. "General Manager in new ferry, said of the Bohai Sea. The face of the financial crisis, many shipping companies to reduce losses, have revoked shipbuilding plans. Shandong Bohai Sea Ferries Ltd is not only did not uninitialize the shipbuilding plan, instead of speeding up the pace of shipbuilding.

In recent years, Shandong Bohai Sea Ferries Ltd, in just four years' time, has eliminated the old 8 ro-ro passenger ships, investment of 2 billion yuan, build 6-the largest and most advanced, safest, most luxurious of the ro-ro passenger ships.

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