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Shenyang Military Region - Order of Battle

191st Motorized Infantry Brigade Dandong Liaoning
Army Aviation Regiment
ECM Regiment
Special Operations Dadui Huludao Liaoning
High-Technology Reconnaissance Bureau Shenyang
Logistics Subdepartments and Units
1st Subdepartment Jilin
2nd Subdepartment Shenyang Liaoning
4th Subdepartment Jinzhou Liaoning
40th Subdepartment Qiqihar Heilongjiang
Army Ship Transport Group
16th Group Army Changchun Jilin
Artillery Brigade Yanbian Jilin
AAA Brigade Changchun Jilin
48th Motorized Infantry Brigade Tonghua Jilin
68th Motorized Infantry Brigade Qiqihar Heilongjiang
69th Motorized Infantry Division Harbin Heilongjiang
4th Armored Division Meihekou Jilin
46th Motorized Infantry Division Changchun Jilin
39th Mechanized Group Army Liaoyang Liaoning.
Artillery Brigade Liaoyang Liaoning
Air Defense Brigade Liaoning
Chemical Defense Regiment
Army Aviation Regiment
115th Mechanized Infantry Division Yingkou Liaoning
116th Mechanized Infantry Division Haicheng Liaoning
190th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Benxi Liaoning
3rd Armored Division Siping Jilin
40th Group Army Jinzhou Liaoning
Unidentified (UI) Motorized Infantry Brigade Yixian Liaoning
UI Motorized Infantry Brigade Chifeng Inner Mongolia
5th Armored Brigade Fuxin Liaoning
Artillery Brigade Jinzhou Liaoning
AAA Brigade Jinzhou Liaoning
Border and Coastal Defense Units
Heilongjiang Military District
1st Border Defense Regiment Dongning
2nd Border Defense Regiment Mishan
3rd Border Defense Regiment Raohe
4th Border Defense Regiment Fuyuan
5th Border Defense Regiment Luobei
6th Border Defense Regiment Jiayin
7th Border Defense Regiment Heihe
8th Border Defense Regiment Tahe
9th Border Defense Regiment Mohe
1st Patrol Craft Group Jiamusi
2nd Patrol Craft Group Heihe
Jilin Military District
1st Border Defense Regiment Linjiang
2nd(?) Border Defense Regiment Tumen
3rd Border Defense Regiment Hunchun
Patrol Craft Group Jian
Liaoning Military District
Border Defense Regiment Dandong
Coastal Defense Regiment Haiyangdao
Coastal Defense Regiment Zhangzidao
Coastal Defense Regiment Shichengdao
4th Coastal Defense Regiment Guangludao
Coastal Defense Regiment Zhuanghe
Reserve Units
Heilongjiang Military District
Heilongjiang Reserve Artillery Brigade
Reserve AAA Brigade Jiamusi Heilongjiang
Heilongjiang Reserve Chemical Defense Regiment Harbin
Heilongjiang Army Reserve Infantry Division
Heilongjiang Army Reserve AAA Division Daqing
Jilin Military District
Jilin Reserve Anti-Tank Artillery Brigade Baicheng
Jilin Reserve AAA Brigade Changchun
Jilin Army Reserve Communications Regiment Tonghua
Reserve Water Supply Engineer Regiment
Jilin Army Reserve 47th Infantry Division Jilin city
Jilin Reserve Artillery Division Changchun
Liaoning Military District
Liaoning Jinzhou Reserve Logistics Support Brigade
Liaoning Army Reserve Communications Regiment Anshan
Liaoning Army Reserve 192nd Infantry Division Shenyang
Liaoning Army Reserve 1st AAA Division Shenyang
Liaoning Army Reserve 2nd AAA Division Dalian

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