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PLC-09 SH-2 122mm howitzer

PLC-09 The PCL-09 or CS/SH-2 (Chinese export name) is a 122mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer designed and manufactured by NORINCO. China's Lightweight 122 mm howitzer, first disclosed in 2008, is independently developed, with completely independent intellectual property rights of new weapons and equipment, in the development process to solve the overall optimization design, vehicle integration and lightweight guns, high-performance protection, firing stability, chassis four steering, integrated fire control and information systems integration and other key technologies.

Lightweight 122 mm howitzer combat weight of less than 11.5 tons and can carry 24 rounds of ammunition, crew of 4 to 5 people, can achieve zero angle shooting, all guns height 2.95 m. The gun highway maximum speed up to 90 km / h or more, maximum driving range of 600 kilometers, the largest climbing degree greater than 60%. As the gun chassis with four-wheel steering system, making the minimum turning diameter of not greater than 13 meters, greatly improving the artillery mobility.

The gun fired 122 mm standard ammunition at the level of 0 ~ 70 , 22.5 left and right direction range shooting. Emission bottom concave bombs maximum range of 18 kilometers, the bottom row of launching missile a maximum range of 22 kilometers, the bottom row of rocket launching extended-range missile has a maximum range of up to 27 kilometers. The shells the maximum range range have a dispersion of less than 1/300, the direction is not more than 1 mil. Artillery maximum rate of fire 6-8 rounds / min.

Artillery positioned directional navigation device equipped with independent combat capability, configuration gunner terminals, digital radio and other comprehensive information system, equipped with fire control computer, servo control systems. Automatic, semi-automatic and manual three kinds of combat mode.

Another feature of the gun is easy to use and fast march to combat conversion time of only 45 to 50 seconds, the line demobilized combatants - fired six shells - fighting turn march in two minutes or less to complete, hit and run, greatly improving the battlefield survivability. Lightweight 122 mm howitzer has a spacious and comfortable cab. Inside the dashboard, fire control equipment, control panels and other interior spaces were based on a reasonable layout and design optimization. Set two side doors on each side cab, the driver and gunner for the front two out, followed by two for three gunners out of the crew out of convenience. Window glass can be produced when firing artillery fire shockwave. HVAC and air conditioning installed inside the cab, with good hot and cold regions occupant comfort.

Chassis system based on high-mobility off-road vehicles, artillery systems to chassis and integrated design methods and design. Non-independent suspension before, during and after the Bridge are gantry bridge, full-time 6 6 drive, minimum ground clearance 400 mm. Engine power 160 kilowatts. Is shifting gear box, splitter integrated structure. Using off-type wheels, central charge and discharge gas system, front and rear wheel steering shaft. Integrated design of high-end face frame type frame, forming a unique shooting support structure, effectively withstand artillery firing recoil load, firing excellent stability.

Fire system basically uses PL96 122mm howitzer technology. Fire control system consists of the gunner terminal, fire control computers, fire control units, power distribution box, SINS, gun control box, AC drives, azimuth / height motor, position / level sensors, angle limiter, automatic console, tilt sensor, digital radio, communications controller, vehicles, communication equipment and other components, and may need re-matching, to meet the needs of all levels of information warfare. Test, the gun system transmitter stability, front and rear wheel steering makes small turning radius. Cab shock resistance ability, excellent climbing and off-road capability.

The gun overall layout is compact, fully functional, light weight, high precision, fast speed, short reaction time, motor ability, with artillery digitization meet the requirements of independent combat capability and consistent with mechanized mobility, overall performance in the international the advanced level of similar artillery.

In August 2020 The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) held live-fire drills in a high-elevation region in the Himalayas, where some of the PLA's latest weapons, including a new 122-millimeter caliber wheeled howitzer. Compared with their heavier counterparts, these two new weapons are characterized by high mobility, which will come in handy - particularly in plateau regions. A combined arms brigade attached to the PLA Tibet Military Command conducted a series of live-fire artillery exercises in the middle section of the Himalayas, which has an elevation of about 4,600 meters.

The drills featured anti-aircraft shooting and precision artillery strikes on hostile headquarters, missile installations and communication hubs using long-range rocket launcher systems. This was followed by live-fire coverage of hostile positions, bunkers and camps with howitzers, according to the report. In addition to the new camouflage the soldiers wore, military observers also noticed the public debut of two new weapons: a 122-millimeter caliber wheeled howitzer and the vehicle-mounted version of the HJ-10 anti-tank missile system.

The new howitzer, the designation of which is not revealed in the report, looks very similar to and uses similar technologies as the PCL-181 155-millimeter caliber wheeled howitzer, which made its public debut at China's National Day military parade in 2019. However, this version has a shorter barrel and four wheels instead of the PCL-181's six wheels, Shanghai-based news website eastday.com reported on Tuesday.

This means the new 122-millimeter caliber wheeled howitzer can shoot in all directions and can be deployed rapidly, a significant advantage over its 122- millimeter caliber predecessor, the PCL-09, the report said. Beijing-based military expert Wei Dongxu told the Global Times on Tuesday that compared with the 155-millimeter caliber PCL-181, the new 122-millimeter caliber howitzer is more mobile and better-suited for air transport via tactical cargo planes like the Y-9. At the cost of range and firepower, the new howitzer's smaller and lighter ammunition is easier to transport and reload, Wei said.

In plateau warfare, wheeled vehicles can often enjoy an advantage over vehicles that use tracks, which are heavy and are affected by lower levels of oxygen.

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