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Shanghai Electric Group Company Ltd (SEC)

The Shanghai Electric Group Company Ltd (SEC), founded in 1925 claims to be the leader in the equipment manufacturing sector. It includes heavy engineering and it manufactures pressure vessels, steam generators and pressurizers for PWRs. At its Minhang base it had a 12,500 tonne forging press by 2005, and added a 16,500 tonne (165 MN) press in 2008.

It imported a Japanese heavy forging press in 2008. The largest casting and forging ingot is 600t, the largest casting is 450t and the largest forging is 350t. SEC invested CNY 6 billion in its Minhang and Lingang plants by mid-2009, and over 2009 to 2015 it invested CNY 7.2 billion ($1.17 billion) in its Minhang base.In 2007 SEC set up Shanghai Electric Heavy Industry Group (SECHIG) as a foundation for development.

Based on heavy castings and forgings as its technical support, SECHIG integrates the manufacturing of nuclear island main equipment such as reactor pressure vessels (RPV), steam generators (SG), pressurizers (PRZ), reactor vessel internals (RVI), control rod drive mechanisms (CRDM) and reactor coolant pumps (RCP) within a single group. From 2012 annual capacity is 10 sets of RVI and CDRM for CPR-1000, six sets of RPV & SG for CPR-1000, six sets of half-speed turbine-generators for Gen III PWRs, 12 RCP and 50 sets of class 2&3 pumps. It has delivered RPV for AP1000, SG for AP1000 and EPR. SEC has a joint venture with Siemens for turbine generator equipment.

SEC supplied pressure vessel and steam generators for Qinshan II-1 CNP-600 and has contracts for pressure vessels and steam generators for Haiyang 2 and Taohuajiang AP1000s, Changjiang CNP-600, and Ningde 2 CPR-1000. It also has contracts for 24 CPR-1000 steam generators, including Qinshan II-4, Hongyanhe 1, Ningde 2, and Fangjiashan 2. It is supplying two of the steam generators for the Taishan 2 EPR. It will also supply major components for the Shandong HTR. In March 2015 Areva subcontracted the manufacture of six steam generators for South Africa’s Koeberg plant to SENPE.

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