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PLZ-91 / WS-250

Development of the Type 91 155mm self-propelled howitzer (PLZ-91) (prototype) self-propelled howitzer was carried out in parallel with the PLL-01, equipped with a 45 caliber 155mm gun of the same series. The Type 88 Formula 155mm self-propelled howitzer (PLZ-45) PLL-01 and Type 91 155mm self-propelled howitzer (PLZ-91) 155mm self-propelled howitzer were developed by applying the resulting technology by the development of the WA-021. It is equipped with a 45 caliber 155mm cannon that evolved from the PLL-01. In recent years, French GIAT as FH-77B of Caesar (CAESAR) and Bofors, Inc. (now Nexter, Inc.), equipped self-propelled a 155mm howitzer.

NORINCO in China has developed a 155mm self-propelled howitzer. The development began in 2002 of a special vehicle manufacturing Factory-made WS-250 66. The normal position of the cab in the prototype vehicle is in the front part of the vehicle body. In the rear portion of the vehicle body is a large parking plow to absorb the recoil of shooting a 45 caliber 155mm howitzer. The 155mm cannon mounted on the rear portion of the vehicle body has been estimated to have been developed based on the 45 caliber 155mm howitzer of PLL-01. Combat weight is 22 tons, and it can be moved in a large transport aircraft, such as China Air Force IL-76MD transport aircraft and the Y-8 transport aircraft (transportation 8 / An-12). Road speed is up to 75km / h. It is possible to carry out the operation in an environment of from 50 degrees Celsius to -40 degrees. About 1 minute time is required from the free-running state until the shooting condition.

Although this vehicle was a disappointment, prototyping to improve the chassis improved to an extension of the gun barrel in 52 caliber SH-1 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer will be emerged as. GM-45 155mm howitzer GM-45 155mm howitzer, the gun barrel of the PLL-01, the existing 59-I-type 130mm cannon are those mounted on the gun carriage of. Changes of the PLL-01 changed from the original of the helical-type closure machine semi-automatic chain plug type that weapon and after the process has been automated. Performance order cunning to PLL-01 guns. GM-45, the existing 59-I-type 130mm cannon By diverting the gun carriage of, weight and simplify the structure compared to the PLL-01 was also able to reduce. However 155mm cannon for a strong reaction at the time of launch than the original 130mm cannon, is the stability of the gun carriage at the time of the shooting is that there has been a problem. GM-45 has been developed for the international market, adopted country at the moment has not been confirmed, unknown even for the operation in the Chinese military.

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