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PLL-09 122mm self-propelled artillery

At the beginning of the 21st century, the United States proposed a medium brigade plan, and China's military also proposed a similar concept. As a result, China's military moved faster and eventually came from behind to win! China's army was the first to realize the medium brigade theory and builds its own medium brigade troops, at least not lagging behind the US military in terms of equipment. China had corresponding models for everything the US military has, and also a piece of equipment that the US military cannot match.

The self-propelled artillery has the characteristics of fast, accurate, and ruthless combat. The PLL-09 self-propelled artillery equipped by the People's Liberation Army is one of the outstanding ones. The 122mm artillery can provide fire support for mobile infantry units and main battle tanks in combat. the PLL-09 self-propelled artillery uses a wheeled chassis, which is convenient for road maneuvering and air, sea and rail transportation so that it can be quickly and maneuvered to be deployed anywhere in China.

China's army attaches great importance to the development of artillery equipment. Naturally, it is necessary to build a 122 mm self-propelled artillery with a wheeled chassis for the medium brigade. The performance of the new self-propelled artillery includes several aspects.

First of all: the shooting is accurate. The main weapon of the PLL-09 type is a 122mm howitzer, which is a variant of the Type 96 towed type. There is no difference in performance. It can launch all kinds of standard 122mm ammunition. The power of 122mm ammunition can definitely be called: Compared with the 105mm ammunition of the US military, that advantage is quite clear.

Not only is a single shot powerful, but other performance indicators are also good. When launching the latest generation of ammunition, the maximum range can reach 27 kilometers, and the rate of fire is about 8 rounds per minute. The firepower output capability is definitely not weak, and it is absolutely necessary in terms of shooting accuracy. Satisfied, it can be called: accurate, equipped with advanced fire control system, with the function of multiple simultaneous firing, and also with the function of group salvo. At the same time, the car can store 40 shells, composed of multiple types of shells. In the process, suitable shells can be selected according to the target, and the striking ability is definitely not worse than any foreign product.

The second is: it runs fast and travels up and down the sea. It uses an 8X8 wheeled chassis with a combat weight of about 21 tons and a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour. It is not only convenient for road maneuvering, but also has good conditions for air transportation, and can be maneuvered quickly. Deployment.

Judging from the current situation, this vehicle can fully adapt to the requirements of combat use in mountainous areas, and its mobility has no major impact. Moreover, it has the amphibious ability, can cross rivers, and can be said to travel up and down the sea.

The conditions in other aspects are also good. Due to the wheeled chassis, the overall mechanization level has been greatly improved. The number of crew members has been reduced to 4 to 5, which is much less than the number of tractors, but the work intensity has not increased. Together with the advanced fire control system, the entire artillery system from receiving target data to completing fire strike missions to withdrawing from the position takes no more than 2 minutes. This reaction speed is very fast.

The PLL-09 self-propelled artillery has a crew of 4 to 5 people. Due to the manual filling method, its interior is relatively spacious. The launch methods include electric shock launch and manual launch. The PLL-09 self-propelled artillery is 8 meters long, 3 meters wide, 3 meters high, and weighs about 21 tons; the top speed in action can reach 100 kilometers per hour, and it can travel at 8 kilometers per hour when moving in water.

The PLL-09 self-propelled artillery can store 40 shells, including armor-piercing shells, blasting shells and smoke shells. During combat, the PLA can select appropriate shells to strike according to the target. According to the type of shells, the range of PLL-09 is between 18 and 27 kilometers, and the firing speed is about 8 pieces per minute; in combat, it can take methods such as concentrated fire and acupuncture strikes.

According to the type of shells, the range of PLL-09 is between 18 and 27 kilometers, and the firing speed is about 8 pieces per minute; in combat, it can take methods such as concentrated fire and acupuncture strikes. As artillery, what they pursue on the battlefield is to survive on the move and to win quickly; therefore, the PLL-09 self-propelled artillery must be completed within 2 minutes from contacting the target to completing the fire strike mission.

Perhaps in terms of performance, it is not as good as the 155mm gun, but the 122mm gun also has its own advantages. The main battle weight is lower, the mobility is better, and it has stronger battlefield adaptability, which can accompany the front line of the army. The troops perform combat missions, as the support of the medium brigade to suppress firepower, and possess extremely high value.

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