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Type 05 / PLL-05 Self-Propelled 120mm Howitzer / Mortar
WZ551 howitzer 6x6 chassis

The gun will be the main equipment of the PLA rapid reaction force, airborne troops, light armor and mountain warfare and amphibious warfare units such as the battalion level. In 2001 China disclosed a new 120mm self-propelled mortar system using a modified WZ-551 6 x 6 armoured personnel carrier (APC) chassis. The fully enclosed turret on the center of the roof is similar to that used with the Russian 120mm 2S23 NONA-SVK self-propelled mortar system mounted on a modified BTR-80 8 x 8 APC chassis.

The modern battlefield, the howitzer is a small muzzle velocity, trajectory than bending, with a larger and more powerful artillery range, in large-scale war in the repression of the enemy's main fire; while mortar is having a parabolic trajectory, light weight, the advantages of fast speed, you can not attack artillery combat common goal, which in mountain warfare, airborne to do battle, urban warfare and landing operations play an important role in such situations, you can provide the most timely infantry fire support. Ordnance experts put the two combine to form a new kind of gun - forced howitzer.

In recent years, Chinese military equipment in China Type 05 / PLL-05 self-propelled 120mm howitzer is an urgent high-wheeled motorized light artillery. The artillery length 6.7 m, width 2.8 m, height 2.8 m. The gun battle the whole weight of 16.5 tons, maximum road speed of 80 km / h, maximum travel 500 kilometers. PLL-05 artillery system is equipped with a 120 mm caliber rifled gun, according to the war needs, fired mortar shells, grenades and anti-tank grenades and cluster bombs, car ammunition base 36 hair. When used as a howitzer, capable of firing high-explosive grenades maximum range of 9.5 kilometers, the front can be used against enemy targets, may be relatively quick to distance target shooting; when used as mortar, can transmit force shells hit a range of 8.5 km, can be used to combat the enemy hidden in front of a shelter is not observed or target; when used as an anti-armor fire, it may emit HEAT effective distance of 1.5 kilometers, which can effectively against light armored targets; while when used as a multi-purpose ammunition, but also launch cluster bombs to penetrate 90 mm thick steel armor, the enemy's light armored vehicle staging ground targets and pose a great threat. PLL-05 howitzer forcing a secondary weapon for the Type 85 12.7 mm caliber machine gun can be used as self-defense and air defense.

In addition, PLL-05 has semi-automatic loading thanks to the way its targeting and combat modes can be selected automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode, so the sustained rapid firing ability. In addition, PLL-05 self-propelled 120mm howitzer is also equipped with forced-guided artillery shells, it can reach the precision strike conventional artillery hidden in the mountain slope against high-value targets. Moreover, this wheeled themselves forced howitzer equipped with advanced two-way stabilizer and night sighting device, capable night in the road between the moving target shooting, the gun can greatly improve the PLA's mountain warfare capability. In addition, the ability to sacrifice two guns very well, traveling by water on both sides mounted on the rear two propellers, water maximum speed of 8 km / h.

With the further development of artillery systems technology, this new artillery began to receive more and more attention. This gun has the versatility and flexibility, especially self-force mobility and howitzer battlefield survivability, very suitable for the needs of a modern battlefield, rapid maneuver warfare in the future, will play an important role in forcing howitzer. Thus, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, South Africa, Israel, the Netherlands, Singapore and other countries have embarked on developing vehicle-mounted 120 mm howitzer force, but at the moment is to study more, less successful.

Howitzer from forcing the development of history, the past, only to force the Soviet Union to develop over howitzer, has launched 2B16, 2S9, 2S23, 2S31 and other classic products, while other countries have not developed this kind of artillery. 2S23 was introduced to China, for example, with the Chinese self-developed PLL-05 self-propelled 120mm howitzer forcing compared as follows: PLL-05 type using 6 6 wheeled chassis, combat weight ratio 2S23 big two tons, but this It does not affect the conduct airlift; although the volume looks smaller than the 2S23, but China itself forced howitzer bomber was 36 made, but more than 2S23 6 rounds; Chinese themselves forced howitzer turret to the rear Therefore in the supplementary ammunition, protection, etc. should be stronger than the 2S23; 2S23 the direction of fire of 35 degrees, the level of fire as -4 degrees - +80 , while the PLL-05-type force and the level of fire howitzer It is the same, but the direction of fire reaches 360 , so fire response capability is significantly higher than the other, and in the range, due to the PLL-05-style body tube to be longer, and thus effectively combat scope should be broad.

It is reported that, PLL-05 wheeled self-propelled howitzer, compared with conventional mortars, mobility and range have made considerable progress, can be equipped to support fire use as a battalion level. The gun will be the main equipment of the PLA rapid reaction force, airborne troops, light armor and mountain warfare and amphibious warfare units, etc., as the backbone of fire battalion level, making the PLA infantry combat detachments been greatly enhanced firepower. Especially in the future landing rough seas fleet, if incorporated into this gun, you can make it fully song shoot and direct the power of the enemy shore beachhead fortifications and hidden enemies full coverage, is the future of amphibious landing operation indispensable fire support force.


6 6 chassis

Combat weight

16.5 t


6.7 m


2.8 m


2.8 m

maximum road speed

80 km / h,

maximum travel

500 km

The main parameters
Chassis chassis

6 6

Combat weight ratio

16.5 tons

Maximum range

9.5 km high-explosive grenades

maximum range

8.5 km mortar shells a of

maximum range

1.2 km emission HEAT

Maximum rate of fire

high-explosive grenades

6-8 rounds / minute

mortar shells

10 rounds / minute


4-6 rounds / minute

Direction of fire


The level of fire

-4 ~ 80




320 hp

Maximum road speed

85 km / h

Maximum water speed

8 km / h

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