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East Sea Fleet Naval Bases

Base  TypeLatitudeLongitude
NingboFleet HQ 2952'N12133'E
FujianMajor Base ____'N____'E
ShanghaiMajor Base3114'N12129'E
ZhoushanMajor Base3001'N12206'E
ChenjiagangMinor Base ____'N____'E
QuandaoMinor Base ____'N____'E
SanduaoMinor Base ____'N____'E
WenzhouMinor Base ____'N____'E
WuhanMinor Base ____'N____'E
Wusong Minor Base ____'N____'E
XiamenMinor Base 2427'N11804'E
XiangshanMinor Base ____'N____'E
XingxiangMinor Base ____'N____'E
ZhenjiangshanMinor Base ____'N____'E
DaishanNaval Air Station 3017'N12208'E
DanyangNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
LuqiaoNaval Air Station 2834'N12126'E
Ningbo ZhangqiaoNaval Air Station2955'N12134'E
Shanghai DachangNaval Air Station3119'N12125'E
ShitangqiaoNaval Air Station ____'N____'E

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